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Last updated: February 1, 2019

My source talks about how the information insurance, those vulnerabilities may hide in each level of security. Be it learning to access security, computer storage security, communications security, operational and physical security. Today, efforts are being made to quantify the general theory of vulnerability as it applies to the security of intelligence systems. The plan is to display the known level of security in a way that is measured, graded and understood. Moreover, to improve the memorability of security by identifying baseline security data also to providing standardized languages means for carefully observing the information, and helping the distribution of the information with users by developing repositories.

Such as, this is XML template that facilitates the preparation of standardized security guidance documents that present vulnerabilities or security concerns about software at large or about specific configurations or uses of addressed software, in a normalized Configuration content through automated security tools. Moreover, in information systems development, Security in Applications Vulnerabilities also come with insecure applications.

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