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Last updated: April 17, 2019

My research top consists of the consumers choice and the methods they use. Some of the questions they I have asked to help with this article review are How consumers make choices? What are the factors influencing consumer decisions? Are there any budget restrictions? How to advertise influence on consumer behaviors. What are network externalities and what are behavior economics and consumer behavior? There are important choices customers must make but sometimes they are dictated by social media. This enquiry will show the status of both the value people look for concerning characteristics of choice opportunities and the categories of social media used in the result. These findings are relevant for multichannel management in marketing. As regards the valence of the information obtained from different social media.

If a relatively large number of aspects play a role in a product choice process, tracking and use of positive information should be emphasized, while negative experiences should be more important for products characterized by a very limited number of relevant product choice aspects. The use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) offers opportunity for residential savings with favorable environmental benefits. The size of the South African residential market shows that there are strong opportunities to be optimized. To exploit such opportunities, it is important to look at strategies that influence independent and interdependent consumer choice in lighting, and to examine how far these strategies have been successful in promoting the market penetration of CFLs.

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While this is so, there are some areas of concern about the performance of the product that have to be addressed, as well as need for public action arising from external diseconomies of consumption.


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