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Last updated: March 8, 2019

My name is Yagnik Patel. I’m an international student at Sheridan College in Electronic Engineering Technician program. I’m from India and it is a famous country all over the world for its culture and tradition. It is the nation of oldest civilizations in the world. The culture of India is the oldest culture of the world around 5,000 years.

The vital components of the Indian culture are good manners, civilized communication. There is a common saying about India that “Unity in Diversity” means India is a diverse country where people of many religions live together peacefully with their own separate cultures like Hindus, Muslims, Christian etc. Moreover, people India’s differ in their language, food tradition, and rituals; however, they live with unity. The national language of India is Hindi, In spite of this there are almost 22 official languages are spoken daily in India in its various states and territories likes Gujarati, Panjabi, Marathi, Tamil, etc.Folks beliefs and follow various customs and traditions according to their own religions. Moreover, we celebrate our festivals according to our own rituals, worship and pray to God, sing ritual songs, and other lots of activities. Variety of decades came and gone but no one was so powerful to change our real culture.

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Even after the life styles of everyone has been modernized, Indian people haven’t changed their culture and values. The culture of younger generations is still connected to older generations and it’s unbreakable. Our ethnic culture always teaches us to behave well, care helpless people, respect elders and always help the needy and poor people. There is great culture of our nation that we should always welcome our guests like a God very happily.


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