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Last updated: January 25, 2019

My name is Aurora McGinnis and I am an 8th grader at Matthew Gage Middle School. My first class of the day is french followed by accelerated math, than I have gate ELA and physical education, after P.E I have US history and honors science, I finish my day with 7th period ASB. Last year I took gate science with Dr. Westerling. I dream to one day graduate from a big name scientific or medical college. I would like to become a forensic scientist, coroner, or a crime investigator.

My short term goal right now is to finish this year with at least an A- in every class. This is my goal every year, I want straight A’s in every class because I want to have an extremely successful career and I know good grades is where that starts. I do believe it is important to start working on my goals today. I know setbacks are going to be a problem at some point, I will hopefully be able to push through certain setbacks and if not they won’t stop me from trying to pursue my dreams or finding other ways to be successful. One of the major conflicts I already see is distractions and drama from friends and acquaintances.

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My friends are pretty important to me and they do distract me kind of often, they don’t necessarily take me off the road to accomplishing my goals but I do fall a little behind on things that are more important like grades. I try as hard as possible to finish all my work and reach all of my expectations but I also have other responsibilities and commitments like sports and extra clubs and sometimes I get caught in a pickle for example, playing a game or finishing my homework. I do take responsibility for these things and I know that the final decision is my fault good or bad.My grades play a big role in my long term goals because both of the colleges I will try to get into in a couple of years require a 4.0 gpa. Learning to work with others will positively impact my goal because none of my dream careers are 1 man jobs, and they all include working in teams and getting second opinions and constructive criticism from partners.

Learning to solve problems is inescapable for any of the careers I plan to pursue, in crime investigation my whole purpose will be to solve a problem or multiple problems, and as a coroner I will have to discover the answer to complicated unanswered questions, and if I become a forensic scientist my entire occupation will be assisting people in solving issues will scientific facts. Science, biochemistry, chemistry, and classes similar to these will help me accel in what I want to do in the future. I feel like school is definitely an important source of support for accomplishing my goals. Studying to me is taking notes and looking them over often, until what your studying is easy to remember and understand. When I have trouble with an assignment I ask my friends who are doing the same assignment for help and if they are also struggling I ask a tutor or teacher. I often seek help from my teachers. My mom, close friends and coaches know about my long and short term goals.

I do believe that curtain teachers can definitely help me with my goals because they’ve already gone through school and taken curtain classes that i will need to take to pursue my goals. My mom pushes me the hardest to go through with my life plans and school and I think my parents will help a lot in the success of my future. Three steps I need to surpass to achieve my goal are, finishing high school with flying colors, and I am planning to get a partial academic scholarship and a partial athletic scholarship to a good college, then graduating from said college or colleges. Ms. Marroquin’s gate science and high school science classes will definitely fit in the pursuits of my long and short term goals.

This year i hope to have a better understanding of science, chemistry, and the internal structure of living things because of dissection. I expect to be completely prepared for high school accelerated science at the end of this year.


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