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Last updated: April 24, 2019

My long-term objective is to achieve a position in a zoo, aquarium, or wildlife refuge that is AZA or ZAA accredited. One of my aspirations is to be someone who enhances such an organization and can enrich the lives of the animals that live there and people who visit. I believe that a master’s degree level of education would create a significant advancement in being accepted for such a position.My short-term objectives while studying for my master’s degree are to gain more skills and knowledge through the Natural Resources program at UWSP, and to give my time and talents to the University by being involved in CNR organizations such as The Wildlife Society.

I have always had a passion for wildlife and natural resources as my grandparents owned a bait shop for their entire careers, and through all of my outdoor experiences with clubs and family outings. I completed my undergraduate degree in Wildlife Ecology and Biology from UWSP in 2016, and can see nothing better than completing a master’s degree in Natural Resources to strengthen my career goals from there as well. My work experiences after graduating with my undergraduate degree from UWSP include working at 2 different environmental education centers. Although I enjoy teaching environmental education, my long term goal is to be an educational interpreter/zookeeper at an AZA or ZAA accredited facility, and gaining a master’s degree in Wildlife Ecology from UWSP would be a great help in achieving that goal.The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point has qualities that best fit my future objectives, and background. I have always felt welcome there and had a great experience during my undergraduate career. After I graduated with my undergraduate degree from UWSP, I was able to attend a winterim biology course to the Big Island of Hawaii which made the end of my undergraduate career at UWSP special, and it would be very exciting to attend a school that makes me feel like I belong. UWSP is considered one of the best schools for natural resources and wildlife ecology.

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This is evident from the many people I have talked to including employers, professors from other universities, family members, and many others; and I would feel honored to call UWSP my second home. In conclusion, I believe that studying at UWSP as a master’s student will be another great experience. It will also provide the accomplishment for my short-term objectives, as well as a great advantage in achieving my long-term career goal.


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