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Last updated: July 10, 2019

My leadership styles vary depending on the situation that I am exposed to and the achievements that I want to have in a particular field or setting. Therefore, the three valuable leadership styles that I have been able to use are autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire (hands-off) which have suited me amicably through my personal and professional life. I have a professional background in the military, and the training has enabled me to adapt to and embrace different situations with a tactical mind, and I have also run and managed a consultancy firm in IT.
In using my autocratic form of leadership, the consultancy work which I have managed has seen an increase in sales because the process requires productivity and efficiency in the intricate decision making. The firm deadlines and a clear set of expectations were all required to be met without question, and it helped to turn the sales around because every employee played their part with precision. When I was in the military, and a decision required an immediate response when the instructions autocratic leadership helped me to organize my soldiers and assign them duties accordingly. However, I have come to realize that democratic leadership is essential in handling different issues because the input of every team member is accorded a chance to be heard and it enables the employees to be cohesive and accommodative of different opinions. In my IT career, I managed to bridge the communication gap between the employees and management where complex software development projects required interactions on different clients, methods, and results to ensure that the success and failures of the project will be taken as a team effort. Hands off approach leadership has enabled me to ensure that the employees and my team members can undertake projects without supervision and it has continued to help them develop and grow professionally. Through laissez-faire leadership, the employee’s morale is improved in the workplace, and the interactions become superfluous enabling a good working environment for all people who engage with the company.


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