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Last updated: March 16, 2019

My feeling in math have stayed the same, I have always loved math and everything about it. What is math anxiety? Math anxiety is an emotional feeling that people have about their ability to do mathematical questions. People who have math anxiety often feel they are incapable or unwilling to do activities or classes involving math. Math anxiety has risen substantially over the last decade in students and even some college campuses have counseling programs helping students with math and their anxiety.

Math is more emotional than it is a logical feeling. Even though it messes with their ability to do math which makes it a logical problem. What causes math anxiety? Math anxiety does not have a single cause. Often math anxiety is the result of a student’s negative or embarrassing experience with something involving math before. Those experiences can make a student feel as though they are lacking the math ability. This belief can make the student have worse grades or scores in that class, which serves as confirming evidence that that student has “Math Anxiety.

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Math anxiety results in poor performance and can be very harmful to the students learning ability. Now that we know what causes your anxiety here are some ways to fix it. Here are the steps; Always have a positive attitude, this will help with not being so nervous and afraid. The second step is that don’t be afraid to ask questions and be determined to understand what you are learning in math. The third step is to practice regularly especially when you are having a difficult time, and don’t forget to take notes.

Step four is to hire a tutor or get a peer that understands math to help you if you just don’t understand the concept. The fifth step is to not just look at your notes and to actually do the math and be able to say you understand what it is you are learning about. For the final step in helping your anxiety, you will need to be persistent and to not forget if you always succeed you will never gain knowledge. In conclusion, math anxiety is an emotional feeling that people have about their ability to do mathematical questions. It is something anyone can overcome. It just takes willpower and a mind that is focused to believe they can achieve the ability to not be afraid of math.


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