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Last updated: March 23, 2019

My Dream Career
My whole life I have always been unsure of what I want to do as my life long career, considering it is such a huge decision that will affect my entire life. As a child it was the classic wanting to be a teacher or an astronaut, but 8th grade year I realized I wanted a career in the medical field. That year I took my first health professions class. I enjoyed the class and was extremely fascinated in the entire subject. It was then, I knew I wanted to be a Pediatrician.
The foremost reason I want to be a Pediatrician is to utilize my joy in helping others. Something about giving my time and effort to make others feel better is a quality I have always possessed. With this career I would get to bring the sick back to health, even save children’s lives. I would get to be a part of their journey to recovery whether it’s from a simple cold to a more extreme disease or syndrome.
My love for children plays an enormous role into why I think this career is for me as well. My entire life I have always had a such strong connection with children. They are such an important part of this world and bring pure joy into their family’s lives. Being a pediatrician, my entire career would be helping children get better and make sure they feel safe while doing so. Having that connection and desire to help them is an important asset to this career.
Having this career would not only be enjoyable it will also provide me a considerable amount of money. Compared to other doctors, Pediatrician usually have a lower salary. With that being said, Pediatricians still make quite more than the average salary. This career would support my hypothetical family and I with the money to live a healthy lifestyle.
This career path will be extremely time consuming and lots of tough work. Although, worth it if I get to help children in need and in bad health. I am looking forward to seeing if I can fulfill this dream career and making it a reality.


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