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Last updated: April 19, 2019

my dream bedroom is Simple, peaceful yet elegant. With a large window, where I can picture out the magnificent view of a scenery. Just a touch of black and white, where things may look so calm and clean.

That’s what I want my bed room to be. My bed room is the most personal part of our house. It is where I can do crazy stuffs, emote on my own and be out of my mind. When I dream about bed room I want it to be something classy and elegant yet simplicity must not be out of the group. Not too small but not too wide, just enough for a woman like me.

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Walls and floor and even the furniture was painted by the combination of black and white. Just a single bed with a soft and fluffy pillows and foam. A study table on the side with lamp shades and laptop on top. On the other side of the bed was a 5 x 3 ft. bookshelf. Where I can find my favorite books.

On the corner there is my walk-in closet where you can find my girly stuffs like clothes, shirts, pants, dress, shoes, bags etc. But most importantly was the window in front of my bed, where I can view the nature. And there, from that window I can observe the raising of the sun till it fall down and how the moon and stars shines at the night sky.

Black and white room with a large window where I can shot the wonderful horizon. This is my dream bed chamber, because it gives me comfort that make me reveal my emotions, gives me inspirations and most importantly I can sleep tight at night.


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