My client Will Hunting is a 21 year old white male, who grew up in the foster system. After observing him I see a lot of disorders that he is suffering from due to his childhood. He is very quiet, intelligent, and guarded. Will presents a number of disorders that he suffers from. The disorders he suffers from are associated with antisocial personality disorder, abandonment, post traumatic stress disordered, and attachment theory disorder.
As a child Will was abandoned by his parents, which those are the individuals who are suppose to love you most. He was an orphan who was put into several foster homes that ended up to be abusive. His foster father would beat him leaving him with awful marks on his body. Will was beaten with a wrench, cigarettes would be put out on his skin, and he would even sometimes be stabbed. His thoughts and behaviors are a result of his abuse as a child. Since children depend on their caretakers to provide safety in their environment, when caretakers fail to do that the child grows up to believe that the world in an unsafe place and that people are to not be trusted. In this case, Will has grown up with abandonment issues due to his past.
The history of abuse and abandonment has led my client to be afraid of being vulnerable because it is incongruent with his self-image, an image he has developed for himself in order to function in the world he is living in. The symptoms it has caused to him feel is ashamed, having difficulty in controlling his emotions, having impulsive/self-destructive behavior, aggression, and having the ability to form positive relationships. Due to his past he has learned to react with anger towards words of affection because to him they imply that he is weak and that threatens his identity. Will is very intelligent kid who doesn’t see himself as special or worthy praise. He is comfortable being a poor “Southy” kid because people look down on that group of people just as he’s been looked down on all his life.
He met a girl name Skylar, who ends up falling in love with him and he does too but he has a hard way of showing it. He shows a defense mechanism. Freud’s defense mechanism is known to be a tool to protect the ego from anxiety.


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