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Last updated: January 26, 2019

Muhammad was the founder of Islam in 610 A.D. He started Islam in Mecca an conquered other places. Muhammad once went to a cave outside the city of Mecca to meditate. There he was visited by angel Gabriel, who gave him word to recite. The words were ” there is no God but Allah.” Within 140 years, his followers created an empire that expanded rapidly. I believe that Islam spread so quickly because of trade and war.

First of all, Islam spread rapidly because of trade. According to Mrs. Rambo’s worksheet, trade spread the message of Islam through merchants. Merchants would travel to many cities outside of Mecca and spread the message of God. Muslim merchants would also built trade post and talk to other about their religion. They would sometimes convince them to convert to muslim religion in stead. All of the Islamic Empire, set up trade routes throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Many people who went to Islam to trade they ended up getting ideas of the Islam religion. This is just one way on why Islam spread so quickly.

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Secondly, I believe that Islam spread quickly due to war. Military conquest were a huge part on how they expanded. When they would win, people would convert themselves into believing in muslim religion or they will have to leave the city. After Muhammad’s death, all the Arabian Peninsula, India, Middle East, China, and Africa were under Muslim control. According to, ” By the time of the Prophet Muhammad’s death in A.D. 632, the Muslims had already subdued and converted their pagan opponents within the Arabian peninsula through wars that Muslims fought largely in self-defense.” Arab armies expanded Muslim rule in all direction after exploratory raids beyond Arabia. War was another way that Islam spread.

In conclusion, I believe that Islam spread so quickly because of trade and war. Through trade, Muhammad’s followers expanded the ideas to other different regions. Conquest, it shows that they conquered many lands even by following the guidance of religion. Although Muhammad’s death left his followers haning, the message he was given by god had a huge impact in Muslims.


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