Topic: Politics & GovernmentPoliticians

Last updated: March 22, 2019

Much of the writing styles recognized in rhetorical and composition theories involve deep syntactic elements in style Bain 1887, Kemper 1987 Strunk and White 2008. There are different approaches to the stylistic analysis of texts but for the purpose of this study Leech and Short’s 1985 approach was adopted for the analyses. The method is based on linguistic checklist that focuses on the analysis of literary texts which can as well be applicable to nonliterary texts. The checklist consists of four (4) categories as follows, lexical category, grammatical category, figures of speech and context and cohesion.

The Leech and Short 1985 approach is adopted because it provides the detail levels of analysis. This approach helped to look at the use of language of politics, the variations, how the politicians generally select language etc. In the texts, phrases are stylistically used by the politicians, possibly to colour the speeches and catching the attention of the population in order to develop a curiosity that will make them listen to the end of the story.

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