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Movie World Report:
Movie world is a highly popular theme park which is located in Oxenford on the Gold Coast. The park is located just off of the highway, where it is clearly visible to tourists and/or locals. The placement of the park has been made to be easily accessible for everyone, which makes Movie world a very successful attraction. Gold coast is fast growing and has over 548 thousand people visit a year.

Movie world is home to a range of well-known roller coasters and entertainment such as; the superman escape, the Arkham Asylum coaster, doomsday destroyer, streets star parade, the 4D cinema experience etc. Movie world caters for young children to adults.
The Superman escape roller coaster is an iconic ride at Movie world that was first opened in December 2005 because of the movie Superman. Because of this, it is highly popular and targeted at 10 year olds and up. This ride is not suitable for young children as there is a strict height length to be able to go onto the roller coaster. This high-speed roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 100km/h in just two seconds.
The Scooby doo spooky coaster is an enclosed steel wild mouse roller coaster filled with sharp corners, laser lighting and even includes the thrill of going backwards. It is based on the 2002 action film, Scooby doo. This attraction is designed for young children to adults.
Green lantern is a steel roller coaster where you experience tipping and barrel rolls and has the steepest inverted drop in the southern hemisphere. This ride is 488m in length and will reach up to speeds of 66km/h. This ride is targeted at riders who are 140cm tall and people who have certain medical conditions are prohibited from riding.
Movie world offers services for customers that require a wheelchair or anyone who has special needs or disabilities. To hire a stroller or a wheelchair, the team at guest services will offer you a $10 hire fee and a $10 refundable deposit for a stroller. The strollers are intended to children from 6 months of age and are up to 15kgs weight. Wheelchairs are available and are complimentary however, there is a $20 refundable deposit which customers will get back once the wheelchair is returned in its starting condition. Customers will need to bring some kind of ID as it is required along with a pre-booking as movie world only offers a limited number of wheelchairs. Many of the rides also are accessible by wheelchairs. Guests who provide their companion card on arrival are entitled to one free of charge so their companion can provide attendant care support during their visit to the park. Guests who provide a carer’s card (or something of similar matter) on arrival, they will be offered a discounted admission rate. Lastly, the team at movie world at guest services will help anyone with special needs help to plan out their day. In addition to this, movie world also has accessible parking. The first row of the car park clearly marked out with the international disabilities symbol and is available for the guests whose vehicles display their disability parking permit.
Movie world on the Gold Coast is well known around the entire world because of its popularity. Movie world targets not only Australia but overseas countries. There is a large range of Chinese and Japanese people that come over to check out this theme park. Movie world has several gift shops that include a variety of souvenirs, such as key chains, stuffed animals (koalas, kangaroos, dolphins). This theme park understands that the majority of the customers aren’t local and will want to buy a souvenir to take home, that shows that you’ve been to Australia. The climate in Australia in hot and humid, so the uniform that the staff has to wear, is usually shorts and a t-shirt. If working in a restaurant, its long pants with a t-shirt.
Village Roadshow theme parks are aiming to be a responsible, sustainable business that does not harm and effect the society, economy or the environment. VRTP’s sustainability committee has worked to create systems and processes to help the sustainability thinking of the way they work. Energy advice has helped VRTP to assist the Queensland-based theme parks in undergoing an energy management plan.
Phased replacement of in – park Incandescent and Halogen lighting with lower power consuming equipment such as LED lighting. The recent change out of the Roxy Theatre entry lights at Warner Bros. Movie World (600 globes in total) with LEDs resulted in a 90% reduction in energy use.
Networked fridge and freezer monitoring across all the Gold Coast theme park sites which not only prevents stock losses but also gives early warning of equipment failure with a consequential reduction in the environmental release potential of refrigerant gas leaks.
Village roadshow theme parks are able to recycle their wasteful water. From waste water to waste products everything is recycled and re-created.
For improvement, the parks could switch up anything plastic, like plastic plates or plastic cups and change it to reusable plates/cups.
Customer service
Friendly customer service at a large park like Movie world is vital. Tourists and locals looking for a nice day out, need to be treated with nothing but respect from all staff. At movie world, the staff must be dressed in the uniforms that they are given. These include; shorts and a t-shirt or long pants and a t-shirt. Staff must help anyone who has a question throughout the day or just simply needs guidance.
Although, the staff at Movie world are very good at making sure their visitors are happy and pleased with their day/s, there are a few areas where they can improve to make sure everyone ends their day on a high note. The car stunt show can get very busy during the middle of the day, and sometimes the staff have to tell you to leave and can cause a scene, even if you were waiting in the line for a spot. In addition to this, the food options in the theme park are not on the healthier side, as the park offers a variety of ice cream, burgers, milkshakes, hot dogs etc.
Customer needs/ expectations
Friendly customer service
Facilities for disabilities
Signs for directions
Itinerary of what is happening during the day
Safety on rides
Different food options
Fast passes
Easy access to get in and out of the park
Facilities for injured
Workplace health and safety
Movie world has to follow a workplace health and safety risk assessment as they are dealing with social situations every day of the week. As shown on their website, it states that all employees have received training in accordance with the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Plan. This fulfils all legislative requirements of the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations and the Environmental Protection Act. Employees have to make sure they are wearing all personal protective equipment provided to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. Movie world ensures the safety of everyone throughout the village roadshow park. From the workplace health and safety, all staff must undergo training before starting the job to make sure all customers are treated safely and respectfully throughout their stay.
Survey: Movie World
When was the last time you visited any of the following theme parks? Dreamworld, White Water world, Movie-world, Sea-world or wet n wild?
Since January 2018
Within the year January 2017
Within the year January 2016
Before 2016
I have never visited one of the parks before
What is the main reason you visit a theme park?
family day out
thrill seeking
celebrating special occasion
it’s close to where I live by/ easy to get to
part of a holiday
When visiting the park, where any of the rides closed at the time, if so which one?
Scooby doo
Superman escape
Green lantern
Bat wing
Wild west falls
Arkham asylum
Road runner
DC rivals hyper-coaster
Did you feel safe on the rides you went on during your visit?
Did you know where to go in case of an emergency?
Did you pack your own food to take in with you or did you buy lunch from one of the selections at the theme park?
Already packed lunch
Bought lunch there
Didn’t have anything at all
Did you feel comfortable in knowing where and how to get to each ride?
Was the park in a clean and well- maintained state when you arrived and when you left?
Were you pleased with the amount of customer service that was given during the day? And if not, how can we improve?
No (could improve on friendly staff)
No (could improve on the number of signs throughout the park)
What would you like to see more of?
More shows or parades
More animated characters
More signs showing where to go
More healthy food options

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