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Last updated: April 27, 2019

Most of the time effective communication begins with the active listening. All meaningful interpersonal relationships can occur during the active listening phase.

This is directly related to the nature of the therapeutic relationships, and therefore the use of active listening skills by nurses increases their ability to provide patient care. To actively listen, caregivers must realize that listening means more than just hearing the spoken words. instead, by using open ended question we can also actively participation is required.During that procedure nurses must have use the ability to silence, in this silence period a patient will have the freedom to express his or her thoughts completely. Do not interrupted while the patient sharing his or her experience.It provides to increase patient’s self-worth or decrease psychological distress by collecting information to determine the illness, assessing and modifying the behaviour and providing health information.

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Through active listening and the opportunity to share with patients, carers can also get valuable information about the patient’s condition and needs.


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