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Last updated: May 9, 2019

Most businesses began, especially in developed countries, to store and save files onthe computer since 1960, the experts of computing in the development of theoriesand methods of how to re-use of files that are stored in the computer, these files arecalled computerized, that expresses the uses of these files and methods were used todeal with these files.

Store large files as a large base and containing all the recordeddata, which can be used at a later time, this is called a database. Because of thedatabases are important and influential in all areas and main activities, so it isnecessary to adopt a certain system to organize and manage the data stored, thereforethis system is called Database Management System, this is a collection of programsthat enable to enter, organize and select data in a database 1 and abbreviated as theDBMS.Almost all universities and colleges have introduced educational computer systemsdesigned to process their information 2, where the Universities are the main pillarin scientific research and education, and well as in the development and promotion ofnew talents. The Department of Student Affairs DSA is one of the important sectionsin college and is a measure of the level of management of the college.

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Some routineand burdensome works need accuracy and does not contain errors, such as basicinformation for students, course management, and degree management etc. Staffspecialists in this department spend a long time and high efforts in case managingthese actions manually. There are unmatched features through the use of computersto manage the information of the student, for instance the speed of the search,security, large memory space, long life, low cost, great reliability and find proper,which can improve the effectiveness of student information management.The number


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