Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: March 29, 2019

More and more companies doing a research and trial to find effective ways on how to improve their organizational teams.

A lot of big companies also hire subcontractors to train their sales employees by signing them up to a motivational speaker conference. Therefore, managers are train to motivate, give the right tools and directions to their subordinates. Four essential management functions are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

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This function is very important because it is the glue that holds the organization together.In “planning”, manager will create a detail action plan to achieve organizational goal. Managers will need to think logically and create a strategic plan to achieve the goals.

Planning will consist 3 main items: Goals, Strategy and Plan. Planning is an ongoing step and can be highly specialized based on organizational goals, division goals, and team goals. It is up to the manager to recognize which goals need to be planned within his or her individual area. On planning, manager also get to decide how to achieve the goals. On “organizing”, they will arrange the tasks, arrange the people, and other resources to accomplish the work. At this step, the questions will be how, what and who.

On leading, manager will try their best to inspire and influence their subordinates to work hard so they can achieve high performance. On leading, manager need to be direct, motivate their subordinates (not micro-manage every single things), and resolve conflict immediately. On leading, it will consist motivation, leadership and communication.On controlling, manager will measure the performance and take necessary actions to ensure desired results. Manager needs to monitor it wisely because without monitoring, employees can be easily distracted and off track from the goals that they need to achieve. By controlling the organization effectively and efficiently, management can see a good result such as an increase on sales and consistent demands.

This result is an accurate measurement of outstanding performance and effectiveness of organization rules. Conclusion: Managers will continue to face a challenge within the organization, but they can eliminate it by effectively and efficiently planning, organizing, leading and controlling their subordinates.


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