Module Title: Business Communication

Programme: Degree Foundation

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Semester: Two

Student name: Omer Elzahawi

Student ID: 0063MWYMWY0418

Lecturer: Ms Arvinjit Kaur

Task 1
Job Application Letter &
Resume Omer Nawari
USJ ONE Avenue 47500.
Subang Jaya, Selangor,Malaysia
[email protected]
Henri D.Edwards
Edwards Enterprises
Malibu,California, 94301,USA
[email protected]
Dear Mr Edwards,
 I am writing in regards to the recent opening in your organization for the position of chief operations officer, as the former COO, Mr Liam has recommended that I would be a great candidate for the position and will see that the organization goals are met and I affirm you that I am the best choice for you organization.

In my experience at Lara Int.Inc as head quarters director I learned how to manage multiple departments,set schedules and deadlines, determine departments budgets,seek better outcomes by using different techniques and measures ,assessing feedback and seeking the consumers satisfaction,also checking on departments performances and ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness,which looking forward plan to implement.

I believe that I have enough experience in the work force for this position and not only am I well organized but I have a genuine passion for making positive and work friendly environments.
By observing and asking questions that are precise,which will I believe will create a significant positive change on daily operations of Edwards Enterprises.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and your response to my job application if there are any further questions or requests, please feel free to contact me as you see fit and thank you for your time .

Omer Nawari

Omer Nawari
Phone: (+60) 456 78 99 | Email: [email protected]
Address: USJ ONE Park Avenue, Subang Jaya ,Selangor ,MY.
Lara International Enterprises Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Head Quarters Director Nov 12 – May 18
?Monitoring programs to ensure that schedules are met, guidelines are adhered to,and performances are of adequate quality.
?Establish work schedules for all branches of the organization while meeting the deadlines.
?Confer with other directors and production staff members to discuss issues such as budgets ,products,policies,as well as future projects.
?Coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production , pricing, sales or the distribution of products.
?Direct the organization financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investment, and increase efficiency.
?Plan and direct activities such as sales promotions, coordinating with other department heads as required.
?Manage the movement of goods into and out of production facilities.
Pandora’s Fashion Box Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
General Administrator March 05 – Oct 18
?Resolve customer complaints regards sales and service.
?Supervise regional and local sales managers and their staff members.
?Determine price schedules and discount rates.
?Prepare budgets and approve budget expenditures.
?Direct foreign sales and service outlets of and organization.
Kylinn Clothing Woodsland, Singapore
Fashion Administrator Jan 17 – Oct 05
?Locate,select and procure merchandise for retail and resale.
?Perform sales floor work, such as greeting or customer assistance ,stocking shelves,or taking inventory.
?Recommend locations for new facilities or oversee the remodeling or renovating of current facilities.
?Direct non merchandising departments of businesses, such as marketing or sales.
National University of Singapore, school of business Singapore,SG
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration March 2005 – September 2008
?GPA 3.6
?Communication with masses
?Computer skills
?Team skills
?Leadership skills
?Domain knowledge

Task 2:

The Differences Between Upward, Downward and Horizontal Communication
Upward Communication
It occurs in the work place and is usually the employees who would do this in order to pass information to
their superiors, it could be in a form of an email,suggestion,direct letters, meetings and so on. So essentially upward communication is where information or massages flow from the bottom to the top of the organizational structure .
1.Feedback, which managers obtain from the employees and that by hand could help improve the company’s development.
2.Mutual trust, as trust brings employees and superiors together and the more their trust grows relations between them get stronger.

1)Non cooperative attitude, which damages the willingness of staff members to perform upward communication.
2)Distortion is possible, as in the case of upward communication the information could be distorted or deliberately tampered with.

Downward communication
Downward communication happens due to a flow of information and messages down by the organization’s formal chain of command, in simpler terms information starts at the upper parts of the organizational structure and descends down to the bottom levels of the organizational structure.
1.Organizational discipline, as members compliance is much easier to keep it up and this help keep everything organized.
2.Efficiency, as information and commands come straight from the sources in control that are able to control activities from the top of the organization.

1)Slow feedback, as it may take time for massages to go down from the top of the organization to the lower parts ,which could have a negative impact on the organization efficiency.
2)Demoralization,as given the time it takes and the chance the information passed down may be altered it could have a negative impact on morale in the organization.

Horizontal communication:-
It’s a type of communication that’s between departments or employees of the same level in an organization and is usually the most common form of communication and its extremely important for functioning smoothly in every organization as it encourages understanding and coordination between various departments.

1.It creates a friendly work environment in the work place which leads to a more effective organizational system.
2.It increases response and ensures quick feed back between employees which increases workplace efficiency.

1)May pave way for gossip, rumors and even false information which could cause conflict between staff members.
2)It could only be effective if there is proper communication and coordination from the departments heads and directors.

Task 3

The Four types of Nonverbal Communication
And how it may cause intercultural conflict.
Types of Non Verbal communication
1.Facial expressions, expressions such as frowning in the case of anger and smiling in the case of happiness and so on.
2.Gestures, which are basically certain movements that are also used to communicate with others and is usually used with verbal communication to add to it’s weight.
3.Body language and postures, are usually expressed by the way your body is situated, for an instance, crossed hands give off the idea or the impression that you are on the defensive or loose shoulders shows how tired or bored you are.
4.Tone of speech, which refers to the way you sound when you speak, things such as pitch, loudness and it’s not to be mixed with the language being used .

With all non verbal communication there’s always a chance of a misunderstanding which in some cases could go really negatively and cause a lot and cause a lot of chaos, for an instance in the case of gestures some hand gestures may be offensive for one group of people but completely normal and acceptable for another group of people for example the gesture of pointing with a finger is very common in some parts of the world, but in many countries that is seen as extremely disrespectful even though in other countries it’s normal and this could cause problems especially in the case of if someone from the other part of the world visits one of these countries which would consider it offensive or disrespectful, which would lead to an intercultural conflict.


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Module Title: Introduction to Economics

Programme: Degree Foundation

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Semester: Two

Academic Year Period: August – November 2018

Lecturer: Ms Sandra

Date of Submission: 12 October 2018

Student names:Omer Elzahawi(0063mwymwy0418)
Kanyshai Rakhmanova(0012jmmjmm1117)
Moda Mane (0051efhefh0418)
Muhammad Tahir (0009kknkkn0818)
Allen Princia (0091seisei0818)

1.0 Introduction 4
2.0 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 4
3.0 Inflation 4
4.0 Unemployment 4
5.0 Conclusion 4
6.0 References 4

1.0 Introduction
The United States of America is a country in the continental north America, sharing borders with Canada to the north and another border with Mexico to the south, with the capital being Washington D.C, it generates revenue by multiple way such as producing planes both domestic uses and for other countries, also the United States is the biggest buyer of oil in the world which causes them to control the price of petroleum which gives it the bargaining Superiority.The United States also is one of the largest producers of arms in the world ,besides Russia and China which makes a lot of national revenue with buyers such as Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and even Israel.
Its made up of 50 states in the which 48 states are in the mainlands and Alaska to the north, and Hawaii in the mid pacific. The United States is a federal state with two legislative houses and a house of representatives, it uses the united states dollar as its currency and covers a land mass of 3,671,649 square miles and a population of 325,940,000(2017 Est.), with the official language being English.

Meanwhile, Mexico is the third largest country in latin america ,behind both Argentina and Brazil, the mexican society is extremely lively with different foods and the great festivals, which makes it a great tourist destination. It shares borders with the United States to the north and shares borders with Guatemala and Belize to the south eastern parts, it relies mainly on oil as its main source of revenue and it also sales some agricultural goods as a secondary means of producing revenue.
Mexico is a federal republic with two legislative houses and a house of Disputes,
with Spanish being the official language and Mexico city as it’s capital, and uses the mexican Peso as its currency and has a population of 123,169,000(2017 Est) with a land mass of 1,964,375 square Km.

2.0 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

As the main economic indicator for measuring economic output within a given country. GDP aims to quantify – for a given country and year – the total value of “wealth production” made by economic agents residing within this territory, GDP reflects the domestic economic activity of a country and the change in GDP from one period to another is supposed to measure its rate of economic growth. GDP is the most used indicator for measuring growth and making international comparisons. It even plays a particularly important role in measuring the deficits and public debts of states, which has a direct impact on the economic policies of governments and the decisions of central banks. The GDP growth rate is determined by the four components of GDP. GDP refers to the income of a country. This includes the critical area of ??retail sales. The second element is business investment, including levels of construction and inventory. Public spending is the third growth factor. Its main categories are social security benefits, defense and health insurance benefits. The government often jumps into the economy during a recession. Fourth, net trade. Exports add to GDP while imports are subtracted.

In the United States the main sector that contributes to the gross domestic production is the tertiary sector. Service providing cover 80.2% the GDP, followed by the Secondary Sector. Industrial Sector covers itself 18.9% of the GDP (GDP_ Composition by Sector of Origin. Central Intelligence Agency World Fact book, 2017).
In Mexico, The main sector that contributes to the Gross Domestic Production is also the Services which cover 59.8% of the GDP (The World Fact Book, 2013).
A service can be defined as a transaction in which no physical good is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Public services are those paid by society (nation-state, fiscal union, and region). The service economy in developing countries is most concentrated in hospitality, financial services, health, retail, human services, information technology and education. Countries with economies concentrated in service sector are considered more advanced than agricultural or industrial economies.
Based on the above diagram, GDP growth rate of the United States was around 2.9% in 2015 because of the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is a free trade agreement between the US and 11 other countries that border the Pacific Ocean and also the Iran Nuclear Deal who contributed also to the GDP. But the gross domestic production declined to 1.5% in 2016 because of the new government which comes with new economic policies. In 2017, the GDP growth rate is growing to 2.2% because of Trump Tax Act. There has been a clear impact on the stock market.
Mexico GDP growth Rate was around 3.3% in 2015 due to a faster growth in wholesale trade, retail trade, real estate activities, financial services, Insurance and transportation. In 2017, the GDP growth rate declined to 2.0% because of less industrial activity linked to the United States and also by the depreciation of the Peso (Mexican Money).

3.0 Inflation
Define what is inflation:
Inflation is an increase of price level of goods and services overtime.
. Causes of inflation:
Inflation is caused by mainly 2 factors: Demand pull factors or cost pull inflation.
demand pull inflation occurs when prices of goods and services rises because of high demand. If demand of goods and services in an economy, the government will tend to increase tax on the products of which will lead to an increase of prices.
These are some causes of demand-pull factors:
1.a developing economy: people are paid quiet well paid compared to other under developed countries, so they will try to spend a lot on their money trying to buy more of what they need in this way demand of goods or services will increase which will lead to an increase in price too.
2.Government purchase: when the government decides to concentrate on the purchasing of medical instruments like scanners; surgery instruments more foreign doctors this will increase prices of those new purchase.
3.Creation of more money in an economy or making more notes: the presence of much money than goods available this will increase or will make the prices going up because there is more money than the availability of goods.

cost-pull inflation: cost pull inflation is a situation where prices increase due to an increase of raw materials such as wood, land cost, machineries…etc. when these materials which they use to produce finished good increase in price finished goods are going to increase in price too.
One of the main cause of cost-pull inflation is natural disasters like earthquake; volcano these can cause a high cost-pull inflation.

types of inflation:
There are 2 types of inflation:1. creeping inflation and 2. Hyper- inflation.
1 creeping inflation: a creeping inflation is a situation where the inflation of an economy rises or increases overtime
2Hyper inflation is when prices of goods and services rises rapidly in a month. Example: 1kg of rice might be at 5 RM in the morning then the price goes up to 10 RM in the evening.
Causes are:
when a government decides to print more money than they are actually earning there will be presence of money in the pockets of citizens and this will cause the increase of prices of good and services. Since there is more money than goods; goods will increase the price anyhow at anytime.
Inflation rate can be measured using CPI(consumer price index).CPI is a way to measure changes in price of good and services of the consumers.

4.0 Unemployment
What is Unemployment- it Is a situation when people who don’t have a job, currently available for work and have actively looked for work in the past four weeks.

Unemployment Rate – is calculated as the percentage of labor force that is unemployment.

The labor force –is total number of workers. Labor Force Statistics is produced by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and it based on “adult population” (16 years or older). BLS divides population into 3 groups:
?Employed: paid employees, self-employed, and unpaid workers in a family business.
?Unemployed: people not working who have looked for work during previous four weeks.
?Not in the labor force: everyone else.

Types of unemployment:

?Frictional unemployment- occurs when workers take time to search for the right jobs that best suits their skills and tastes.
?Structural unemployment- occurs where there are fewer jobs than workers and usually it is longer-term.
?Cyclical unemployment – happens during recession, caused by a deficiency of aggregate spending.
?Seasonal unemployment – occurs when people become unemployed at particular times during the year when labor force is seasonally lower than usual.

Full Employment – the absence of demand deficient unemployment, so it is when the number of job vacancies equals the number of people actively seeking work.

COMPARISON OF UNEMPLOYEMENT RATE BETWEEN USA AND MEXICO: The chart above shows the unemployment rate of USA from the last five years. As in the start of 2013, the rate of jobless people was high as compared to the recent unemployed person’s ratio. It was 8 percent in the 2013 but slowly it reduced with the passage of time. It got decreased to 6.7 percent in the beginning of 2014. As persons of USA find a lot of opportunities in this year. Then, in 2015 it went the same way that the ratio gets down and people find a lot of works and jobs. In this time period, it get reduced to 4.9 percent in 2016. After 2016, Furthermore, it was slightly lessened, there was no major changes. The unemployment rate was less for a short time period than again increased but no more changed. It only decreased to 4.9 percent to 4.8 percent from 2016 to 2017. But it also changed to 3.9 percent in 2018.

This chart describes the unemployment rate of Mexico from the year 2013 to 2017. As in 2013, the average of unemployed was 5.3 percent. The rate decreased to 4.5 percent but again increased to 5.2 percent because of jobless people. Accordingly, it’s got downward but again went upward to 5.1 percent in 2014. After 2014, it slightly dropped but another time went higher up-to 5.5. Moreover, it lessened down with different changes and set off at 4.5 percent in 2015. Additionally it got changed, less for a few time but higher for most of the time. In 2016, the rate of unemployed became 4.2 percent. Besides all, in 2017, it was changed with the duration of time. It went down and upward with variations. In 2017, It settled down at 3.6 percent. In addition, in 2018, it is 3.5 percent nowadays.

5.0 Conclusion
6.0 References
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K.R.Pole,(2018), United States,Britannia.Inc.
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