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Last updated: April 8, 2019

MODEL THAT CAN HELP STIMULATE CREATIVITYThese are my four variables that I feel can help the advertising agency become more creative: Build an inspired workspace.To build an encouraged workplace, you must eliminate all adverse factors first. A toxic work atmosphere makes it tough for employees to complete even basic tasks, much less go over and beyond their work. Here are a few factors a business should pay attention to. Conflicting policies and procedures.

Inconsistency can cause a lot of confusion, therefore making it difficult for anyone to know what they are doing. When the entirety of the business doesn’t know what they are doing, there is no creativity. Another factor is bad leadership, which see their employees below them. This behavior makes them look smarter than anyone else.

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Therefore, leadership refuse to listen to anyone’s input, but their own. Leadership needs to build trust across the board by sharing input and credit for success. Trust is very important for a business to succeed. Also adding some positive factors such as outdoor workspaces, quite rooms, and personalized spaces, can help inspire the workplace to be more creative. Grant flexible work hours.

Employees who have flexible schedules and more control over when and where their work gets done tend to be more content with their jobs and take more of an edge at work. They are more devoted to assisting their manager, team and seeing the organization succeed. For some people, the best ideas come in the middle of the night or during a long lunch when the mind is relaxed.

Flexibility also attracts a creative talent pool of people with a variation of goods and guarantees in life. Build a diverse team.Diversity is a key factor that helps increase creativity. Therefore, having a diverse team with many different cultures, increases creativity due to the different points of views and way of thinking. Having different expertise can give a different outlook on related things. Much like different expertise and education, varied skills increase team creativity. When your team is made up of associates that worked in a different line of work and companies you are certain to increase team creativity.

Reward risk-taking.Rewarding your employee for their creativity is solid feedback. People want to be accepted and admired for their ideas and hard work. When an employee tries something new and it doesn’t work out as planned, be sure to focus on the positives, and rejoice the fact that the employee was willing to step outside the box. I designed this model because I feel these variables are important to help businesses employees become more creative. The more creativity you have within the business the more successful the business will become.


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