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“The effects of Gadgets in students who live in Urban and Rural.”
A dissertation (Thesis)
Presented to
Ms. Christita PolinagMiriam College Adult Education
In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for
Practical Research 2
Bueno, Faith
Isip, Georgie E.

Tan, Bea
Badillo, Emil
Belen, EjieDela Paz, Dan Dhean2018
Teachers proven that students nowadays are more on visual. Students prefer pictures instead of text, pictures helps the student to visualized and understand the context if there’s a picture on it. Due to new and advanced technology standard we have in these times, the teaching and learning process has change a lot. Teachers use internet as well as gadgets such as tablets, PC, cellphones, and other electronic devices in teaching. Using of gadgets in teaching changed the usual teaching we had and created more educational opportunities than before. Both teachers and students benefited from various technologies that can use as a part of education. Through these electronic gadgets, the students think books in the tablets or gadgets are better because they are more interested to learn new knowledge through technology. Technology can help to improve their skills, reads, learns, processes information, and solves problems said by (Howe and Nadler, 2010a). Teachers’ expectation on students was changed and teachers learned how to apply these technologies in their classroom and even in their curriculum. As of now most of the schools system have technology standard that all students must attain throughout their educations. (WordPress, 2013 and Kahreka Ramey, 2013)
Gadgets help students to be productive and progressive; it helps us a lot by making things easier and faster. “The use of internet technology has enabled teachers to reach students across boarders and also students from developing countries have used internet technology to subscribe for advanced educational courses. Many universities and colleges have embraced online education by creating virtual classrooms. Online education is flexible and affordable, students can attend classrooms during their free time, and they can also have a chance to interact with other students virtually.” (Kahreka Ramey, 2013) Due to high-tech device it helps to improve the quality of educations in today’s schools.
The development of gadgets nowadays helps us not just to make our lives easier but to save money and time. Technology has always been advancing throughout the years. You can access your cellphone to talk to anyone and this time the location is not a problem now. ( HYPERLINK “http://www.writetech.net/author/Frudin828Ke1/” o “Posts by Frudin Kemnsu” Frudin Kemnsu, 2015) Students don’t have to do meet ups to do their group works, students can do their group works, projects and research even if they are in their home by the help of computer, cellphones and internet they can do video chat, Skype, Face time and Google duo.

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In our generation there has no work that can be done without the assistance of the machines. By the help of gadgets it makes us to feel more comfortable and give us an entertainment in our lives. They also said that we can’t imagine our lives without laptops, smart phones, cellphone and so on. Gadgets is not just making our lives easier, but it also improved our lives a lot; just for example, if you are far away from your family or friends you still have the chances to see and talk to them with the help of development of webcam. (Agazoo Unique Gadgets – Incredible Innovations, 2015)
Using Technology for Education is a good idea because it has no limitation when you want to learn and search about something all the information you need is already in the gadgets we have such as computer, tablets, phones and etc. The students prefer to use technology as part of education because they can learn and find a lot of things easily and can save their time instead of going on the libraries. Libraries can consume your whole time on searching and reading books hence the information you’ll get is just limited unlike searching on the internet. Computers have replaced chalkboards as the go-to tool in classrooms today. Millennial and other professionals are now in high number of using of technology. Technology is a massive helpful for our lives and education. Nelson Laird and Kuh (2005) report that through the evaluation of student perceptions of technology use, “there appears to be a strong positive relationship between using technology for educational purposes and involvement in effective educational practices such as active and collaborative learning and student-faculty interaction.”.

The students with higher levels of education used the internet more frequently; only 61% of individuals without a high-school diploma used the internet while 94% of individuals with some college and 97% with a college degree or higher were internet users (Pew Research Center, 2012). Millennial are early adopters. College students utilized technology more frequently than other age and adapt their usage more rapidly, with one-fifth of college students beginning to use computers before when they’re in 8 years old. According to a research study by Common Sense Media published in October 2011, “computer use is pervasive among very young children, with half (53%) of all 2 to 4 year olds having ever used a computer, and nine out of 10 (90%) 5 to 8 year olds having done so.” (Jones, 2002; McHaney, 2011 and Newnam, 2012). Most relevant to the current study, this work reports benefit gains of “greater levels of student engagement, opportunities to create new kinds of learning environments and activities, and the ability to extend learning opportunities outside of the classroom” (Morrone et al., 2012 ). The students prefer to use technology because they can learn and find lot of things what they needed than going to libraries.

Technology has the best structural change through achieving significant improvements in productivity. It supports both teaching and learning with using digital learning tools. The digitals are computers, and different kinds of devices. It supports learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will increase students’ engagement and motivation and learning. Technology has a power to improve its teaching. When teachers give professional content, resources, and system to the students. Students will have their improvement of their own instruction and personalize learning. Online learning can give productive while learning using of technology. It will also reduce costs and better utilizing teacher time. The role of educational technology in teaching is great importance because of the use of information and communication technologies. With the help of technology will have their good results of what they needed.


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