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Mini research projectConsumer studies5454652989489Seithati KhumaloThe Wykeham CollegiateGrade 11201800Seithati KhumaloThe Wykeham CollegiateGrade 112018right8500090881201000000Topic: You are what you eat Hypothesis: The Glycaemic Index plays a very influential part in our health and well-being as it affects our appetite which influences our energy levels which imapcts how we feel.Review of literature:Source 1:The Glycemic Index Foundation.What is GI.

Available at: on 10 May 2018This website is reliable as the website is managed by The Glycemic Index Foundation This sources informs us about the Glycaemic index and the effects of carbohydrates to our bodies.Source 2:Brand Miller,J.,Marsh,K.,Sandall,P.

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2007.The New Glucose Revolution.Philadelphia.This book is reliable as the authors all have a degree of some kind and their jobs focus on the health of humans by focusing in fields such as diabetes and other health related issues.This books informs us Source 3 :Department of Health & Human Services.Carbohydrates and the glycaemic index.

Available at:

au/health/healthyliving/carbohydrates-and-the-glycaemic-indexAccessed on 10 May 2018This website is reliable as it is managed and controlled by the Department of Health and Human Services and was created with its intent being to educate people about the Glycaemic Index.2)2.1. The definition of Glycaemic Index (GI) The Glycaemic Index is a rating of carbohydrates found in foods according to how they affect your blood glucose levels.The difference between Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic LoadThe Glycaemic Index (GI) is a ranking solely based on how the carbohydrates affect your blood sugar.

The Glycaemic Load is a rating based on the combination of the Glycaemic Index and the amount of carbohydrates found in food. The Glycaemic load is defined by the amount of carbohydrates in a portion of food multiplied by the GI value divided by 100.Ref:

2. The GI Rating Scale:A low GI has a value of 55 or less. A medium/moderate GI value is 56-69.A high GI value is 70 or more.2.3. What is insulin?Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that enables your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food you consumed for energy or to store glucose for future usage.2.

4 The ideal blood glucose level in human beings and why is it considered ideal.A human beings ideal fasting blood sugar on awakening should be under 100 mg/dl. Before-meals a normal glucose levels are 70–99 mg/dl and up to 140mg/dl two hours after eating. A person will have diabetes when the fasting blood glucose is level is at 126mg/dl or above. The safe blood sugar level is between 70 to 105mg/dl ensuring that you still have the right amount of energy but your blood glucose levels are never extremely high or extremely low.

2.5 State the classification of foods according to the G.I. rating scale and give 10 examples of foods for each of the 3 groups. Provide the G.

I. ratings for each exampleGI RATING SCALE NAME OF FOOD GI RANKINGLOW GI Sweet corn,on the cob,boiled 48Sweet potato,baked 46Carrots,peeled,boiled 41Tomato,canned 45Lentil,canned 44Long grain rice,white,Mahatma,boiled 50Soba noodles,instant,served in soup 46Gluten-free Muesli 39Oat bran,raw,unprocessed 55Pumpernickel bread 50GI RATING SCALE Food GI RatingMedium GI Lemon squash soft drink 58Whole-grain rye bread 58Puffed buckwheat 65Life,Quaker Oats 66Polenta(cornmeal),boiled 68Ryvita Currant Crispbread 66Condensed milk,sweetened,full fat 61Noodles,dried rice,boiled 61Sugar,white 68Golden syrup 63GI RATING SCALE FOOD GI RATINGHIGH GI Gatorade 78Swede (rutabaga) 72Radishes,red 75Pumpkin ,boiled 75Potato,baked,without skin 85Glucose Syrup 100Brown Pelde rice,boiled 76Corn pasta,gluten-free,boiled 78Kumara,boiled 77Rice cracker,plain 912.6. Explain the effects on the body of eating foods from each of the 3 categories according to the G.

I. rating scale.Foods with a High GI can cause a sudden rise in glucose levels due to this the body will pancreas will produce insulin. The high amount of insulin produced causes glucose levels in the blood to suddenly decrease and this create the feeling of hunger even if you weren’t hungry before. Food with a Low GI are good and beneficial to your health as Low GI reduces the risk of chronic disease.


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