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Metaparadigm Concept of NursingKenny NguyenNUR330 Intro Nursing DisciplineNorthern Arizona University09/23/18Metaparadigm Concept of NursingThe four nursing metaparadigm concepts are crucial to the healthcare field today and it is a standard to which nurses must sustain to better care for the world around. The individual person is one of the four concepts and it is the fundamental of metaparadigm concept of nursing. The individual person is the one that is receiving the nursing care that is essential to their own health.

Another concept is the environment and how it affects each individual person. Social interactions and the patient recovering in their setting is what consist of the environment. Health is also a key concept and it is the overall wellness of the actual individual.

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Overall wellness is comprised of physical and mental health. The last concept is nursing and it is vital for the healthcare field. The scope of practice for nursing is very distinct regarding each patient but a nurse can never lack the main component to what makes nurses unique and that is caring. Nursing care standards must be met within the metaparadigm concept of nursing to fully treat a patient the correct way.Foundation of Metaparadigm Concept of NursingSociety and the community forms the environment in relation to the concept of metaparadigm in nursing. Human interactions in our everyday life and all that is around us and the patient recovering in their setting is what establishes the environment. The individual person and the environment interacts in various different ways to structure what comes of a necessity to nursing. The environment that patients are kept in is important in terms of influences regarding internal and external components to the patient.

The individual person is affected by the environment because it is what’s going to give them peace of mind and the expectation of their health. The individual person is very diverse and unique to themselves, we all get sick from time to time and in our lifetime, we are definitely going to be hospitalized at least once. The individual person is going to need care whether young or old and it makes a difference when a person’s needs are met even if it’s giving them hope for better health or just them needing a person to talk to. Health in Regards to Metaparadigm Concept of NursingHealth is a person’s overall wellness from the time that they are born until the time that they are deceased. If a person wanted to prolong their healthy state, one would have to be more health conscious/find a balance between diet and exercise that works for them. In nursing, it is a nurse’s duty to guide and treat a patient back to a healthy state and do all that is necessarily possible and as appropriate for the situation. Mental health and physical health is crucial for an overall healthy state.

Mental health covers everything from brain disorders to stress, as a person grows older, their mental state becomes progressively worse and they can develop many different types of complications neurologically. Mental health is just as important, if not more than physical health. Physical health is dealing with everything from organ systems to fractured bones.

As humans age, they become more fragile and their immune systems are also weakened. This is where illnesses play a key factor to a person’s health. An individual’s health is mostly dependant on how they live their life and environmental factors. Illnesses can occur at anytime that stretches from anything like a common cold all the to glioblastoma multiforme.

Illnesses relate to health because it’s what determines an individual’s life expectancy. Nursing ProfessionNursing exists because people never stop becoming sick and needing care is inevitable. There will always be a need for nurses for as long as humans are on this earth.

Diseases and illnesses happens everyday in different parts of the world and the only way to care for it is to treat it. Nurses are there for all types of support whether it be moral support or help getting back to good health. The role of a nurse varies between each hospital, floor, and nurse themselves but one thing holds true which is a nurse never stops caring.ConclusionNursing is imperative to healthcare today and society needs to understand what makes the profession so righteous. Metaparadigm concepts of nursing really is the outline of what makes nursing, nursing. Whether it be the patient’s overall wellness or the environment that they’re settled into, it is clear that without one of these concepts, the idea of nursing wouldn’t be up to par and healthcare in general would be a disaster.

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