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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Medico-legal post-mortem examination can only be conducted upon request of a coroner, which in Malaysia, the role is played by the Magistrate. Different country has different approach and procedures on the conduction of post-mortem. Our country uses a modified version of English Coroner’s system (Kasinathan S., 1997).

Some example of medico-legal cases is unexpected death, suspicious death that probably homicide or suicide, unknown caused and such death that occur during or after hospital procedure. (National Health Service, 2015). Therefore, this examination also helps to assess medical professionalism as the doctor’s mistake during hospital procedure can be find out from the autopsy and actions can be pursued legally if the deceased family wanted to do so. By doing medico-legal post-mortem, the deceased can be identified (if unknown or no family member detected), the impression of what happened on the crime scene before death can be form based on traces or injuries found on the deceased (usually when no witness available), the exact cause of injuries can be explained, any unrevealed diseases that cause the death can be find out, the traces and evidences left on deceased body can be collected, hence helping in solving the case.

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