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Last updated: March 16, 2019

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor /nurse performs their job in a manner that deviates against the accepted medical approval of care (Goguen n.d.). If nurse administers care that is bad in terms of accepted medical norms/ethical under the circumstances, then the nurse has failed to perform his/her duty, and this is also said to be negligence (Goguen n.

d.). The National Authority of Medicolegal Affairs are responsible for the national guidance and supervision of health care professionals. That is, they are responsible for overseeing, giving the rules and guidelines conducting the profession.

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They also pass verdict to those that are found culpable of their offense in medical profession such as suspicion of medical malpractice. Supposing a nurse is established culpable of his or her error or neglect during practice, the National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs have the order to issue appropriate measures to discipline the nurse. The National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs is a body responsible for nursing professional guidance and supervision that is they provide the guideline, code of ethics and rules which governs the practice of the nursing profession. They also grant the right to practice as a licensed professional. Therefore, if a nurse is guilty of error or neglect, the nurse will be sanctioned according to the acts of this body.

According to National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs, act of health care professionals’ section 26(1030/2000) sanctions for misconduct (Act on Health Care Professionals, 1994), the National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs may issue specific regulations and instructions to the nurse as to how the nurse should go about his/her professional activities. Depending on the type of neglect, the National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs may impose restrictions on the right to practice professional activity for a fixed period or until further notice. Thus, the nurse may not be able to exercise his/her full right to practice as a nurse, and there may be some restraint. In other words, the right of practice as a licensed professional maybe retrieved for a fixed period or until further notice. In this case, the nurse loses his/her right as a licensed professional during or within that stipulated time. In some cases, the National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs may interdict a professional with a protected title to use the occupational title of a health care profession as prescribed by Decree for a fixed period or until further notice. In this sense, the nurse may be prohibited from using the professional title.

For instance, if the neglect was performed by a superior nurse, she may lose the title as a senior nurse.Which depends on the gravity of the offence performed, the nurse’s sole right of a professional to practice can be cancelled out rightly. Unlike the alternative sanctions where the nurse can be called back to profession or a sanction can be uplifted, here in this case, the nurse may never have the chance to practice the profession again.


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