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Last updated: February 20, 2019

Measurement of PersonalityMeasurement of PersonalityQuestion a)The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II personality test was designed to measure a person’s temperament through answering 70 questions. The test is designed in such a way that each question has two answers and one chooses one that appeals to them. The expected test results then group a person’s temperament in one of the four categories provided by this website. The test measures one’s personality and the characters or attributes associated with that person.Question b)This test is meant to measure several elements of personality. One of these elements is introversion and extroversion.

The first three questions seek to establish whether a person sees himself or herself as an introvert or an extrovert. In the first question, one is immediately inclined to think of whether they are good listeners or speakers. This readies one to answer the next questions on whether they are reserved or easy to approach.

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Another element that is being measured in this test is one’s ability to lay more emphasis on emotions or on thoughts. In this test, there are several questions regarding whether one uses the heart or the mind to make decisions. The question on whether one values harmonious relationships as opposed to consistent thoughts is also measuring the same phenomenon. Third, this test is also designed to measure whether one is more aligned to a planned or a spontaneous lifestyle.

The test has questions pertaining to the workplace and the social life depending on whether a person likes to plan everything out or go with the flow. Additionally, this test also measures one’s attitude towards other people. In this perspective, the test asks questions regarding whether one is gentle or firm with other people. This helps to identify how one forms relationships towards other people.

This test also measures the decision-making process as part of one’s personality. The questions on this topic seek to create a deeper understanding on whether one spends a lot or little time in making decisions or choosing certain actions.Question c)The descriptions of the personality as given by this test are general with a hint of specificity in some parts.

The results given by this test give a general perspective of what temperamental category one falls in. However, the results also go into detail explaining the characteristic that one may possess depending on their temperament. Additionally, their strengths and weaknesses are also outlines indicating some of the professions that one might fit in. Additionally, the results of this test give details on how one may react when presented with certain situations.

However, it is important to note that the results are not personalized or designed to fit each person’s needs. The results are general and may apply to a wide group of people.Question d)I agree with this test’s assessment of my personality. According to the results, I am an idealist who seeks to find growth and self-improvement in their daily activities. The description given by these results seems applicable to my life and my personality.

I can identify with the general ideas given by this assessment.Part 3: I took the Big Five personality test from This test is designed to assess personality and character largely focusing on whether one is an introvert or an extrovert. In comparison to the Keirsey personality test, this test is less detailed and only focuses on a few elements of personality.

Additionally, in this test, one is given four or five answers to choose from making it confusing and tiring. Additionally, the results for this test are very generalized giving only a percentage of where one stands on the introvert or extrovert scale. However, similar to what I experienced with the Keirsey test, the results give a fair representation of my personality considering the scales or categories used by both tests.


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