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Last updated: February 5, 2019

McDonald’s is a socially mindful, innovative company that focuses on individuals. McDonald’s has for a long time required its suppliers not to utilize genetically altered products or ingredients in production. The company has composed confirmation of the fulfillment of the requirements. An important need for McDonald’s activities is the health and safety of visitors. In the preparation of dishes, the company utilizes just those products and ingredients that meet the standards of quality and safety and have appropriate supporting documents (McDonald’s, 2016).

For McDonald’s, it is critical to control the products at all stages of the farm, to the visitor, for example at all stages of production, transportation, and preparation. At all stages of the production procedure, McDonald’s, its suppliers, and independent experts carry out a progression of quality inspections to guarantee compliance with all sanitary and cleanliness guidelines and regulations established in a given nation, as well as to the most outstanding quality of manufactured products (McDonald’s, 2016).At each McDonald’s institution, they attempt to satisfy the necessities of visitors fully. The goal of the company is to give hot, top-notch food, fast and well-disposed service in a clean and pleasant atmosphere (Han, 2009).

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McDonald’s company has prevailed above all because it adheres to the most exceptional standards of quality, service, cleanliness and affordable prices. At McDonald’s, people will have sincere grins, impeccable fast service, a welcoming atmosphere and brilliantly cleaned halls (Han, 2009). At McDonald’s, always delicious, delightful sandwiches are available at all reasonable prices, frost crackers, sweets and drinks made of great products from the best makers. The way to McDonald’s prosperity and popularity is the unified team of representatives (Han, 2009).Since the goal of any company is to make a profit, McDonald’s is no particular case. McDonald’s endeavors to be a manufacturer who has the best expenses in the industry, yet not the least, because he will never surrender his obligation to visitors to give the most outstanding quality. The ideas of quality pursue all through the corporation, instilling a culture of quality through the following principles: center on the visitor, analyze the facts, evaluate individuals and continually enhance all aspects of our business. Therefore, the system of the company’s goals is as per the following (Priyono, 2017).

The organizational structure of McDonald’s is a hierarchical structure, and, therefore, there is a clear division of labor in the management system, which adds to the rise of exceptionally qualified specialists in each business; strict hierarchy of levels of management, in which the actions of the lower level of management are controlled by the higher and the development of principles, standards that are uniform for each sort of activity (Panmore, 2018). Each worker of the McDonald’s fast-food restaurant has the opportunity to develop and create. Indeed, even the least complicated worker, with time, can get a high position on the off chance that he satisfies his obligations with high caliber and can pass all the qualifications well. Another feature of personnel management at McDonald’s is a system of motivations (Panmore, 2018).


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