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Last updated: September 13, 2019

Maybe a standout amongst other cases of religion empowering the stratification of society is found in the Hindu station framework.

This progressive religious framework impacts the social framework, characterizing the indications of the religion, as well as the employments which one can yearn for and the subsequent financial status and religious benefit of individuals from that rank. Inside Hinduism, the most elevated standing is the Brahmins. People in this rank are respected by all, and progress toward becoming ministers and logicians.

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Under the Brahmins, is the Kshatriya rank, the Hindu upper-white collar class. People in this standing are thought about lower in status than the Brahmins. The Kshatriays take occupations as experts and government authorities. The following lower rank contains the Vaisyas, who are vendors and ranchers. Underneath them are the Sudras.

The obligation of individuals from this standing is to fill in as workers and hirelings to individuals from higher stations. Sudras are not just constrained both in the public eye in the kinds of occupations that they can take yet additionally inside the religion as they are banished from taking an interest in numerous ceremonies. Dalits are customarily seen as contaminating or “untouchable” outcastes and consigned to assignments considered excessively debasing or modest for station individuals to perform, for example, human waste expulsion, leatherworking, and cobbling


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