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Mary SmykowskiCultural Geography December 29, 2018 Dr.Nyamwange Identify and explain problems that “geographic illiteracy” can present to a country such as the United States in the 21st Century. Illustrate examples of the need for geographic knowledge in diverse areas such as international politics, domestic politics, economics, and popular culture (Chapter 1) Geographic illiteracy can present to a country such as the United States in the 21st century is by how the generation throughout the years are changing. They are either be critical or very helpful. For example, when students go off into college they are not required to take a geography course, like they did in middle school. When I graduated high school in 2013 I vaguely remember geography and how teachers teach it now in high school is way different as for when I was there.

Many people might need geography as they grow up and some students do not even know their seven continents or even their oceans. Geographic knowledge is important because it is the understanding of the global knowledge of the foundation to having an enlightened society. Democracy is very important to people who are educated voters about the global matter and how they would want to change the way people live. Popular culture also means where people have grown up and what food they are eating. The international policies might be different as for, presidents, vice presidents, and the languages.

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For example, in Poland professors teach students the geography of Europe and in New Jersey they teach them about the United States. Examine the difference between absolute and relative location. Identify the absolute location of your school. How would you describe the relative location of the town or city where your school is located?(chapter 1)The absolute location is a fixed point on earth as where the location is taking place. The most common a person might learn before even reading a map is latitude and longitude, which are lines crisscrossing the earth. For example, latitude are points from north to south position of the location of the Earth surface that ranges from 0 degrees’ to the equator which is 90 degrees.

Relative location is known to the positions of a place based on its positive with respect with other locations. Landmarks can also be useful to some people who do not know streets or highways (me for example.) For example, I usual remember Quick Check being to my right as I come from Hamburg Turnpike. William Paterson University’s absolute location is 40.945936,-74.

198399. This University is located in Wayne, South of Hamburg Turnpike and the High Preserve Mountains which overlook the campus. This campus is 370 acres which these mountains over look north of the campus. 3. Why might the mayor of your school’s town care about the results of the 2010 census?(Chapter 2)In 2010 our mayor was not pleased about the results that took place of the 2010 census. This census allows the United States House of Representatives to determine the number of seats that each state has to provide billions of dollars to the federal funds and local communities around the area. Each person out there has to have a job to provide for a family or even themselves. This census data that was been made in 2010 destroyed many lives such as rescue disaster victims, skilled workers, natural disasters, and research markets.

Each person went into work the day before this day and they came out without a job and without money to support. Infrastructure servicers are providing to hospitals, job training centers, schools, bridges, tunnels, roads, and even emergency services. With all of this going on our mayor had a hard time managing Wayne and people losing jobs and not being able to help one another. As the years progressed the mayor of Wayne slowly got the people working at their regular jobs and knew the town would get back on their two feet. 4. Discuss why the United States infant mortality rate varies by region (chapter2)The infant mortality rate varies by region means calculating how many children die before the age 1 per 1,000 lives birth annually.

In many places there are more than 80 of more rates as low as 5(Europe.) 5. Look at the map (Figure3.10). Choose three numbered migrations and describe the migrations by type, who was involved, and the period and consequences of the migration (chapter 3)6. Define pull and push factors and discuss, with examples, the various types of push and pull factors (chapter 3)The pull factor are when conditions that attract people to a new area. For example, promise of freedom, jobs, land, safe community, home of a new life, to start over, and to be closer to their children. There are many types of the pull factor, political freedom, jobs/opportunities, and even religious freedom.

People would be pulled into a country that would have all of these positive scenarios. As for the push factors, it is a condition that drives people to leave their homes, community, and even jobs. The examples would be, poverty, political beliefs, religious beliefs, and taxes.

The various types are not enough jobs, slavery, pollution, poor housing, poor medical care, discrimination, not enough jobs, and few opportunities, education for their children, better medical care, and even better living condition. Many people want the best for themselves and their families. They want to live somewhere where they do not need to worry about anything, such as tax. For example, my parents in my town are paying $14,000 a year to live here. When my brother and I we leave home my parents will be moving somewhere where they will not worry about a higher tax bill.


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