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Marketing Plan NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Tenet Healthcare CorporationResearchTenet Healthcare has implemented strategies to help in marketing the corporation and its services. Some of the marketing activities include a website which is accessible to a large audience and which is regularly updated by consultants (Tenet Healthcare Corporation, 2018). In today’s current technological trends, a website is important in providing information to customers across the world.

Today’s generation is able to use and access the internet at a very young age and an organization with adequate information on the internet can benefit from the positive outcomes which can are associated with the internet (Tenet Healthcare Corporation, 2018). This website has maps directing clients on Tenet’s healthcare facilities across the United States and help lines incase assistance is required. Tenet Healthcare has also invested in the communities that they serve by supporting these communities in community care programs by sharing their expertise with the community and through charitable contributions.

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Giving back to the community has enabled the health care system to grow and develop (Tenet Healthcare Corporation, 2018). Since the new facility is in a new environment, which might not be aware of the healthcare system, it might require a different approach which may involve community awareness though marketing campaigns and advertisements in the media (Ginter, Duncan, ; Swayne, 2013). Tenet Healthcare can also use the internet and social media platforms to market its new facility and services online. The media, which includes newspapers, televisions, and radios, plays an important role in reaching prospective patients (Ginter, Duncan, ; Swayne, 2013). Tenet Healthcare can also do a unique branding, which will differentiate its facilities from other facilities in the locality and give it a high reputation. The established facility started in the earlier days where the healthcare market had few competitors compared to the current times.

In current times, the consumers have more power compared to the early times (Ginter, Duncan, ; Swayne, 2013).Consumers have a wide selection of healthcare facilities where they are able to select their preferred healthcare facilities. With the advancement of technology, healthcare consumers are able to access healthcare facilities from the comfort of their homes (Ginter, Duncan, ; Swayne, 2013). Marketing is meant to bring distinguishing perspectives, which can enable the consumers to choose the best healthcare facilities. During the earlier days, consumers had limited power in terms of choosing their most preferred choice of healthcare facilities rather followed their physicians’ advice (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013). With much influence in the current times, extensive marketing strategies must be implemented to enable a new healthcare facility gain consumers. In the earlier days, the American Medical Association had banned the practice of healthcare facilities advertising for their services, which was later revoked in 1980 by the court (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013).The target audience of the current times is different from the earlier population.

The current target audience is more educated and more involved in technology applications, which is different from the earlier audience (Almgren, 2013). Current target audience is more involved in social media and is able to access the internet, which many organizations have turned into in advertising their products and services. With this audience having access to many different healthcare providers, it becomes a challenge in marketing a product or a service as the market has many competitors (Almgren, 2013). The current population has also different lifestyles, which are different from the traditional lifestyles.

These lifestyles determine the most common needs of the target population, which are different from the earlier lifestyles. The current target audience geographical location is also different compared to the earlier target audience geographical location. Most current populations are living in the urban areas, which are more developed and enhanced through infrastructure (Almgren, 2013).

This will require a different approach to marketing. Innovative approaches to marketing involve complex and diverse methods, which involve integration of technology in the marketing approaches used. During this time, communication and interaction has been enhanced which is a determining factor in implementing innovative approaches to marketing (Almgren, 2013). This has been attributed to the rising number of social media platforms and the growth of internet platforms, which enable easy access to certain populations. The changing and diversification of products and services enable incorporation of innovative approaches to marketing (Almgren, 2013). Majority of healthcare products and services can be accessed online, which include applications that are able to give diagnosis and treatment procedures to patients at their comfort of their homes (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013). The marketing process has incorporated information technology systems, which enables easy use of innovative marketing approaches.

With all organizations installing information technology systems into their normal operations, it is easier for the different departments to integrate this into their systems (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013). Information technology is aimed at increasing the number of individuals who are able to access the organization’s products and services and marketing department can take advantage of this.Marketing StrategyMarketing has a role in the new facility of targeting potential customers in an already crowded marketing environment from other players in the healthcare industry (Moseley, 2018). The established facility used marketing to inform consumers of healthcare services available in their organization and services meant to address those needs. Marketing plays a different role in the new facility in that already consumers know their needs and are able to access services from a variety of other healthcare facilities (Moseley, 2018). Marketing is not aimed at increasing knowledge of their products rather knowledge on the new facility and advantages it has over other healthcare facilities. This will involve providing details on their service provision, which can be able to win patients from existing facilities (Moseley, 2018). The marketing campaign should be focused on the new facility but not ignoring the entire healthcare system.

The new healthcare facility is a branch of the Tenet Healthcare system and this association should not be ignored. This will give the new healthcare facility a competitive advantage as consumers are able to relate and expect products and services in comparison to other healthcare facilities related to Tenet Healthcare (Moseley, 2018). Tenet Healthcare has already established itself as a brand, which has a customer base based on its brand. One of the advantages of association with an already established brand is the benefits associated with the established brand. The new healthcare facility will be a representation of Tenet Healthcare and any negative outcome will be associated to the entire organization as well as any positive results (Moseley, 2018).

The four Ps of marketing are important in marketing of the new facility. Marketing the product is important as this attracts majority of the customer and is the main reason for the operation of the healthcare facility (Westwood, 2013). Healthcare services have changed and diversified over the times. Fulfilling the diverse consumer healthcare needs is the most influencing factor in the marketing of healthcare needs and consumers are looking for the facility that will fulfill its healthcare needs sufficiently. Due to the availability of different healthcare providers in the country, Tenet Healthcare must implement specific strategies that make their services unique from other facilities (Westwood, 2013). Price is also important in marketing healthcare services. Consumers are looking for quality and affordable healthcare services.

Price influences consumers in their selection of their providers and this must be clearly determined (Westwood, 2013). Due to the many entrants in the healthcare industry, prices have reduced compared to the earlier times where consumers did not have much choice in selecting healthcare facilities due to the small number of the facilities. Promotion is disseminating information about a product or a service to the consumers (Westwood, 2013). This also involves comparing products from other providers and pointing out the unique features of products, which will encourage consumers to choose the new products or services. This may include additional services and features (Westwood, 2013). Promotion can be done using social media platforms, which were not available in the earlier times. Advertising which is part of promotion can be done on the media platforms available, which include televisions and radios, which were few in the earlier times (Westwood, 2013).The place also impacts the success of failure of a product in the market.

Placing the right product at the right place and at the right time will positively impact the outcomes of the product (Westwood, 2013). The location of the new healthcare facility should be considered and a research conducted to determine the best location. In the past, healthcare providers were few and location did not matter a lot as consumers could access the facilities regardless their locations.

This is different in today’s time as consumers will go to the healthcare facilities, which are easily accessible as this will impact the cost of accessing healthcare services by the consumers (Westwood, 2013).ChangesThe healthcare industry is being impacted by new transitions, which include shifts from medical care to healthcare, redefining the patient as consumer, from inpatient care to outpatient care, from a focus on sick people to one on well people (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). Shifts from medical care to healthcare include transitions, which are made to meet and address the changing consumer’s needs. This may include the enacted policies aimed at providing insurance to every citizen to enable him or her access quality healthcare services (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). Most of these strategies and policies are aimed at preventing the transmission of illnesses and enable all citizens of the United States to access quality healthcare services. The adoption of information technology is aimed at improving the health status of individuals from diagnosis, treatment, and support processes. These shifts will increase the cost of providing healthcare services (Information Resources Management Association, 2018).

Viewing patients as consumers is meant to increase patient satisfaction by reducing the costs involved with accessing healthcare services. Healthcare facilities are improving their amenities in the facilities, which include a better environment to cater for their patients and improve their experience in the healthcare facilities (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). This will impact the new healthcare facility as considerations regarding patient experiences must be considered. The shift from inpatient to outpatient is meant to minimize and reduce the overnight stays of patients in healthcare facilities. This can include routine check-up and visits to clinics (Information Resources Management Association, 2018).

With the transformation in healthcare, patients are able to continue their treatment at home with support using technology-based applications. Outpatient care is less expensive and preferred by most consumers of healthcare services. This also does not use most of the consumer’s resources, which include time and healthcare costs covered by insurance providers (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). The shift from a focus on sick people to one on well people will impact the new facility as it has to implement enacted policies by the government which are meant to ensure total wellbeing of the population (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). This may include the Affordable Care Act, which aims at ensuring that all citizens of America have access to health care insurance to be able to access quality healthcare. Most healthcare programs and policies are meant to impact a wide range of population (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). This is meant to impact the health status of all people including the well.

Focus is shifting from sick people to the well people as healthcare service needs have transformed to total whole being and consumers of healthcare services are not only the sick but the well also who may require health care information on preventive care (Information Resources Management Association, 2018).Cost Involved In Addressing the Shifts and Transitions in the Healthcare IndustryReferencesAlmgren, G. R. (2013). Health care politics, policy, and services: A social justice analysis. New York: Springer Publishing Company.Ginter, P. M.

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