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Last updated: January 27, 2019

Maria, a 15 year old girl, wanted to get a job and sell bread everyday at the street to increase her family’s little income.

One day, A 35-year-old woman, Sofia, stopped by to visit Maria had a chat with her. Sofia and Maria became friends, and in 2004 Sofia recommended an offer to Maria. The offer was a promise to pay her a high salary that would permit her and her family fight poverty. Maria decided to take the offer however she did not inform her family that she was travelling. On the same day of the trip, Sofia made Maria drink something that made her feel really dizzy and unconscious. When she woke up, she found that both of them were in a cab arriving at a strange house in the capital.

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Inside this strange house, the taxi driver raped Maria. Shocked and broken, but feeling extremely defenseless to prevent what was happening, Maria was taken to a restaurant, where she was obliged to work as a waiter for a month .Sofia decided to be Maria’s mother and collected her income, then moved her to a different restaurant in the town. There, Maria was again forced to work as a waiter and soon after that the servitude extended to sex with customers in a backroom.

The cycle kept going on. This is an outrageous example of child labor.Another example of human trafficking is sex trafficking. In the movie Svetlana’s Journey, a young girl was abandoned by her mother. So, a family decided to adopt her when she was thirteen years old.

Svetlana was very happy, but did not know that her adoptive family’s only concern was to advertise and sell her into the sex trade. Svetlana was bought for 10,000 euro, trafficked away from her state, and ended up in Amsterdam where she got beaten and raped every day. She was deprived of all her dreams and ambitions as well as she lost her self esteem. She tried her best to escape many times, but never succeeded. After a period of six months of torture and suffering, she decided that there was no other way to free herself other than to commit suicide. She decided to jump from a window of the building she had been locked in; however, she survived the fall and was taken to a hospital.

After that experience, she kept on trying to overcome the harrowing experiences of compulsory prostitution with the help of a non-governmental organization. These examples show that human trafficking is a serious issue that deprives humans, especially women and children, of their basic rights. Those victims of human trafficking are forced to work beyond their capability where their protests are unheard.In accordance with the meaning stated by the United Nations, human trafficking “involves the movement of people through violence, deception or coercion for the purpose of forced labor, servitude or slavery-like practices.” (Johnson, 2009) .Human Trafficking is a crime against human race that is happening worldwide. This crime involves an act of employing, transmitting, porting or receiving someone throughout a use of power and force for the purpose of exploiting them for commercial sex, debt bondage, or forced labor. Human trafficking is also described as slavery since traffickers utilize cruelty, intimidation, and other types of compulsion to oblige their victims to work against their spirit/strength and will.

Every year, human trafficking deprives thousands of kids, teenagers, men and women of their human rights, standard lives, and freedom because they fall into the hands of traffickers, not only in their own countries but abroad too. Human trafficking is a $32 billion business; it is the world’s second biggest illegal trade after the drug trade. Victims of trafficking are forced to work with false promises of high pay and a superior life. Those victims work for little amount of income or no income and they are threatened with deportation, injury to family members, or imprisonment if they try to escape or report and inform their lives of servitude to law enforcement or other organizations.Because human trafficking is a process that forces people to conduct certain actions against their will, it should be universally prohibited in all its varieties.This paper will focus on those three points:1- Sex Trafficking2- Child Labor3- Children and human trafficking


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