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Maori and British statement(Orange et al.`s) (2001) expose and re-seen significant events or social forces that leads to what New Zealand is on today or present time. Many argues that the Waitangi Treaty confronts unfairness and unequal rights. A lot of misunderstanding comes from what the signing is all about.

Will Hobson or Captain Hobson, the accountability of the Treaty or the owner of the written Treaty. But the rumors are does he really have the capabilities and the qualities of writing a treaty for a few million populations? Will Hobson is known on his tutorial in the Napoleonic Wars and sometimes as hostage by pirates. William Hobson was sent to New Zealand by Lord Normandy in 1839 with some of the Colonial requirements or procedures from the Colonial office back in Great Britain, London to travel and expected to meet all the requirements needed on the Treaty. Furthermore, on travelling with campus to New Zealand he made a detour to New South Wales and Sydney for the fact of resting and negotiating with it nature as part of visiting Governor Gipps and the environment he sees, this is where furthermore of the treaty supplied. Constructed of a vision for what should be included in the treaty. I intend to understand how did that help in needed to write the treaty.For the fact, this was not a treaty to be temporarily remembered or for a short time period to gets brainwashed.

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It was for a fact to remembered from generation to generation and being honored at last couple hundreds of years past. Back in track arriving via New Zealand he defines and build up an idea or way on how to explain out what they sought and what the Colonial office in London wants. At this time, he had assistance and advise from his secretary, James Freeman and James Busby, two British residents. On February, they cooperated and design the first draft of the treaty. One British resident Busby puts the treaty into three articles while the other British resident Freeman helps Henry Williams and Edward Williams through translation. Even with the British resident give a hand timeliness is all in terms of it important and interesting.

To understand, important messages should take time for further understanding and interest instead of pop up message with delivery.Debaters are much occurred concerning of the fairness of the Treaty for Maori and Europeans. For the fact, the treaty is one sided in which the treaty has three articles which the first one refers to the Queen sovereignty second one refers to the allowance of prized possession and chieftainship and last but not the least promising Maori the Queens protection.These leads to comfortability of Europeans but definitely not in the Maoris favor in which they had fewer freedom and independency but especially chiefs. Theirs certain chiefs were not prepared to give that up like “Te Wherowhero” (Waikato chief).Maori chief that has signed the treaty were brainwashed by the Queens requirements concerning of land transaction and staffs in terms of it protection and warfare avoidance. This makes peace over certain tribes, and another form of brainwashed was about employment opportunities, attaching western technology and so on. These ideas that what they agreed to shadowed their freedom and liberty.

Controversy of the Treaty.1The controversy that is happening now a day historically from the misunderstanding between the English and the Maori part of the Treaty. A Maori word “Kawanatanga” and “Rangitawara”. In facts “Te kawanatanga katoa” often express governance over land/soil in which definitely supposed to represent the icon of sovereignty. However, Governance concern of regulating and power while as sovereignty is about having supreme authority or power. Referring this regulate chief to believe they also have right to control and does not rely on others being independent.They may come to believe that they have governorship on their rights but really that was not the expected result.

Use of “rangitawara” in the Maori written is concern of stability of authority of each tribe in relation to their lands. “Interestingly, the English version is about practicing the ownership rights and allows land sales to be concluded through the crown.” (author, year)( page) . “Te Wherowhero of Waikato, Taraia of Thames, Tupaea of Tauranga” and so on is not ready to give that up for example like “Ngapuhi chief Rewa of Kororareka” said, “This country is ours ….. we are the Governor, we, are the leader of our father’s land.

” (Dora Alves, publisher- Greenwood Press, 1999)For the fact, it describes how many of the chiefs weren’t approved of the Treaty. If they had known this earlier and what the Treaty will bought them, less chiefs would agree to it and may have complete another set of story or events. Waitangi Treaty is a pioneer for some events now a day. Most events of New Zealand express making it up for shadowed promises and keeping truthfully to the Treaty states. As a result of difficulties of certain people necessary for translation William and Edward not being truly with the English version.

This small behavior lead to the misunderstanding between tribes and nations according to different sources. The highest massive impacts of the version are the lacking of ownership. This ownership is concern of land, radio frequency, seas, lake, rivers and so on.

Many had confronted the unfair sale of the Tribunal of it events and righteousness. P. Tuhahere a pioneer who sales certain land from $150 to $6000.

For the fact of employment opportunity and innovation which may refer to the Northern islands loss of hope on land and almost every single thing.These conflicts had brought up on later years as the Waitangi Tribunal and the Office of Treaty settlements published during Labor Government, in 1975 to provide research on them. An instance, was back in, 1975 Wellington stood up by 29,000 of population besides the parliament concern of need for action and appreciation as Maori land march participated by English and Maori in which one of the public protest at this time. Since 1975, operations now have been made to regain ownership. Several attempts still been measured now to turn things right.Treaty significance in times .

The significance of the Treaty has swap over time or in other word change over time. However, Maori had a sustain respect in honored of the Treaty. In 1840, they thought that they are starting a new beginning as well as attaching to the western education identities which can access to innovation and perception they never met at this life during this time they got brainwashed and a privilege holding a relationship with them.After years and years going by of non-trustworthy of European, things begin to underestimate over things. In facts, sustainability of respecting honoring the Treaty. In terms of all the negatively says towards the Maori they still need the Treaty to adhered to.

Concerning of “Hone Heke,” he did get rid of the Great Britain flag in “Kororareke,” to show the difference they want to be concerning of the Treaty while requesting to adhere it the British shows and responded dishonest and disrespectfully.Sudden movements of various groups show instance and insist that the treaty should be respected. Current situation Maoris still respect the Treaty often brought up conflicts and matters but doesn’t recognize hatred towards the Treaty in terms of both raised by Treaty. As migration to New Zealand increase, individual’s states that it is not relevant according to the regulation and law as this the Treaty shows almost broken, it wasn’t before new government approach the Labor government shows interest and started working in progress in the 20th century.Well treaty status evolves over time, for the fact of not having a constitution but having collection of common laws, custom and legislation which however framework the government. In which it the first initial agreement of Britain authority and later transferred to the Parliament which however lead the Maori to strictly honored the Treaty.

But in recent years, as successive governments gone by they recognize the consequences of the Treaty to the life of the nation. In the following years, the Waitangi Treaty had honored with mentioning a national holiday. Certain things still divided in the country like ownership concern but it does not matter at all, what New Zealanders knows is they are one and must celebrate it.Conclusion .

The Treaty of Waitangi is one of the most known significant event in New Zealand. It relatively joins two nations together to what make New Zealanders who they are today. The signing of the Treaty lead to so many difficulties in facts the born of conflicts, disputes, and wars in which that had changed Maori and British. Whether it will be the one who owns the writing of the Waitangi Treaty or its controversial translation or the event occurs after signing or how we manage it today, somehow express how enormous these things impacted New Zealanders lives.

(Vea, 2018)


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