Topic: SociologyEthics

Last updated: February 8, 2019

Many people wrongly or as common they believe that feminist perspective focuses only on women and girl and that it has an inherent goal of increasing the advantage of women over men. In fact, feminist perspective has always been about observing the social world in a way that clarifies the strengths that create and maintain oppression, injustice, and inequality, and in making so, encourages the pursuit of equality and justice. Lindeman presents to the reader with a great opinion on the theory of feminist ethics. She provides an overview of the critical terminology, central issues, and methodological practices that figure prominently in the agenda of the feminist ethicist. (Nelson, J. 2007)The feminist perspective that centres on gender inequality acknowledges that women’s position in, and experience of, social conditions are not only different but also dissimilar to men’s.

for example, Liberal feminists’ perspective claim that women have the same capability as men for “moral reasoning” but that patriarchy, especially the “sexist division of labour”, has historically denied women the opportunity to represent and implement a moral reasoning (Crossman, 2017).

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