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Many mothers and humans are against inoculation, however there are a lot of great attributes to vaccinations. Vaccination helps young children and infants body build immunity through the vaccine. The immunization helps their body become stronger and fight off deadly diseases. Through vaccines, doctors and scientist have discovered a way to prevent humans from such diseases that were once threating the world. With ample amounts of research doctors and scientists have come up with vaccines to help cure many of deadly diseases such as polio that once affected the United States. “Since 1979 no cases of polio have originated in the United States.”(CDC.GOV) Inoculation is a medical term for vaccination. It saves people’s lives and money. Inoculations prevent deadly diseases such as polio, rubella, and diphtheria. Vaccines provide protection from the effects of deadly diseases. Without inoculation, other people would be at risk.

Many people are against inoculation because they feel there is a risk to their children’s health. One of the major arguments and worries are the risk of autism. This has been debated if vaccinations cause autism. People are worried if they vaccinate it can cause their child to be autistic. Research has shown that there is no link between inoculation and autism. Research has also shown, that people who do get their vaccines do as much research as people that do not. Anti-vaccination attitudes mostly go by myths not by proven facts.

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In detail, inoculation, also known as vaccines, saves people money by decreasing hospital visits and deaths. “Total costs (health care and vaccines costs) with PCV13 would be U.S. $97,587,113 cheaper than PPSV23 and it would save the U.S. $145,196,578 versus no vaccination”(Orodonez and Orozco). Vaccinations are finically beneficial by saving the United States millions of dollars. Vaccination is decreasing emergency room visits, and saving people from medical bills. Inoculations helps people all over the world by saving lives and saving money by preventing fatalities. By being vaccinated, it is avoiding costs of hospitalizations, doctor visits, and the cost of funeral expenses if death was to occur. This can greatly help the U.S. and other countries by keeping them out of medical debt. This extra money can go towards new vaccinations, and extra research to decrease major deadly diseases.

Furthermore, without vaccination, this puts humanity dangerously at risk. Those who do not get a vaccination for the flu have a higher chance of getting infected with a disease. Individuals who receive the flu vaccine lower the risk of others getting sick. There are requirements for schools and daycares that are mandated by the state. The purpose of these laws is to prevent an outbreak of disease. “For the first time in a century, incidences of some communicable diseases—such as measles, mumps and pertussis are on the increase in the United States” (qtd. in World Health Organizations, 2017). Not having inoculation can cause many health problems and people take that risk by not getting an immunization. The quote above states, if people do not get vaccinated it can cause the deadly diseases to increase and that puts everyone at risk.

As well , it is very important for humans to stop the spread of diseases. If every person gets a vaccine this will decreased the chances of spreading diseases. A person getting their required vaccine can save the human race. Just one person alone can decrease the amount of fatalities and help solve future problems from occurring. By getting vaccines it will also limit the spread of diseases. There are many fears with getting immunizations. Some people have a fair of getting poked by the needle. A small prick is ultimately better than becoming deadly ill. Moreover, if people face their fear and get the recommended vaccine it can prevent that person from causing harm to others. Inoculations also will prevent putting family members in debt from unnecessary hospital bills from sudden fatalities.

There are several reasons why individuals do not vaccinate. There are a lot of misconceptions about vaccines. People believe that there are toxins in vaccinations. Parents also believe vaccines can cause autism. They think infants’ immune system has not developed yet and that they are especially at risk. The truth to the matter is by not getting infants or children vaccinated that puts them at risk. They do not have the choice to say they need the vaccination. It is the parent’s responsibility to make the choice to immunize or not. Many parents have chosen to vaccinate. In reality, children and infants will most benefit from vaccines. In infants and young children, their immune system is low and not able to fight off diseases as fast as adults.

Additionally through vaccines, it helps teach infants and children’s body to fight off such illnesses. The pros outweigh the risks. It is better to get the vaccination and save children and others from harmful illnesses and diseases. This will help prevent the diseases from getting passed along from child to child. This is what causes an outbreak of diseases by not having the required vaccines. Vaccinations will also help prevent future negative findings.
People with antivaccination attitudes need to thoroughly research before they plan to not get vaccinations. Parents should ask their Pediatrician questions before making their final decision. The main cause of antivaccination is that many people are misinformed about vaccines. When an individual continues to believe myths it is important to continue to repeat facts.
In conclusion, there are many reasons why we have inoculation it helps the human race survive and strive on. Vaccines lower the risk of epidemics and death. Moreover, humanity has a need to survive. Vaccinations will be the number one reason for survival. There is a reason why we have inoculations and it is to prevent the deadly diseases, that U.S. citizens and all over the world discover daily. Scientist and doctors work every day to make sure these vaccinations are used properly and working effectively. Humans all over the world need to research before making that life threating decision of not getting vaccinated as it puts everyone at risk. Vaccinations have many health benefits such as reducing the chance of major diseases, death, and disabilities. Inoculation is very important to have and all over the world. Humans are fighting daily for their lives. This can be prevented by getting your required vaccinations. That way humans can decrease suffering. Every human that is in between getting vaccinated or not getting vaccinated, they need to seek every resource as possible speak to your doctor, research and find answers. Most of all fears from vaccinations are myths, and by finding your answers you can make the right decision.


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