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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Many books, surveys, articles, studies and scientific publications have indicated the adverse effect of smoking. Smoking is unhealthy, degrade the body metabolism, pollutes and gradually affect the environment. There are two types of smokers – the active and the passive. A person who smokes consistently is active while a person who perceives or inhales is passive, both been adverse. Smokers and non-smokers meet in various places, on the street, inside the bus, in offices, hotels and residential areas.

Considering the adverse effect of smoking on an individual, the environment as well as rights of others, I am advocating complete abolition of smoking in communal places.Nowadays, advertising companies advocate and promulgate smoking giving juveniles favorable views on the subject matter. Very sad to say ‘statutory laws’ on cigarette have failed to scare away minors. There are increasingly growing misconceptions running deep into the heart and mind of minors saying, smoking makes you smart, intelligent, and strong, however, they are paying a heavy price. A cigarette has about 4,000 chemical constituent, the presence of C02 concentration in a cigarette is over 22,000 ppm and during inhalation, about 450 become diluted. During metabolism, oxygen displaces hemoglobin, aggravating central nervous system leading to cardiac arrest and pulmonary disorder (lungs). According to recent findings from Yale’s University, USA, smoking is dangerous to teenagers. Teenagers incur certain disabilities such as speed, accuracy, intuition, and capacity not to grasp i.

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e. memory loss. According to Leslie Jacobsen, Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine, “Adolescent smokers are prone to memory degradation and lacking retention”.Research also demonstrated that smoking significantly reduce life expectancy in both men and women, research has shown that women are prone to cancer of the lungs. A woman that smokes, not only endangers herself but also her unborn child.

Since smoking is bad, why is it widespread? In a liberal society, people advocate freedom, some say, smoking calms the nerve, enhances productivity, and makes you forget your sorrows. If that is true, the law of reciprocity should be reciprocal.An investigative research from University of Zurich, Switzerland, states that a non-smoker inside a smoking room accumulates C02, considering such threats, government policy should forbid smoking in communal places.

Moreover, the abolishment of tobacco could impose economic hardship leading to loss of revenue, the industry in charge of tobacco production could suffer major setbacks, and millions of employees will be unemployed.However, if the government understands that, good health is important, it should put forward legislation, aimed at tackling this growing epidemic. This policy implemented already in some part of India, at the same time prohibits youth under 18 from seeking employment in any tobacco industry.In conclusion, prohibition of smoking in communal areas could be a motivating factor, because a separate room will be introduced, where smoking will be allowed and considered non-offensive to non-smoker.


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