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Last updated: January 30, 2019

Many African Americans were forced out of their countries in the 1800s for varies reasons for example, discrimination, war, religious reasons, unemployment and food shortage. The first African Slaves arrived the United States of America in 1619. This was happening until the civil war ended in 1865 and the end of the civil war. Though technically the practice of slavery had ended, African Americans continued to endure harsh mistreatment and racism for the next 100 years, in the 1960’s preceding the civil right movement that took place in that decade. Ever since African Americans was freed from slavery we have fought against racial segregation and discriminations in the United States History shows however that despite the mistreatment and extreme racism supported by our government, African Americans attempt to assimilate into white America never ceased. Even though they were mistreated, African Americans continued to contribute, not only to the building of the United States of America but made a significant contribution to its defense. African Americans throughout American history have been working toward not only equal rights, but equal treatment.


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