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Last updated: April 13, 2019

Managing your emotions in the workplace is more important starting from today, this is because the workplace is a challenging place today. This is due to the new environment in the workplace regarding reorganizations, mergers, transfers and individual job changes. Goleman (1998), the author of Working with Emotional Intelligence say that to succeed in today’s work environment, it’s important to understand our emotions, control our reactions, and recognize how our emotions can affect our actions and others.

Researchers over the past decade have carried out on the role of emotional intelligence in areas such as business, leadership, and education in general (Buttler & Chinowsky, 2006; Côté & Miners, 2006; Hopkins, O’Neil ; Williams, 2007). As part of our bodies is included with emotion. When employee doing any jobs, they will use their mind and also their emotion. Even though that employee intelligence quotient was high, but they must be able to develop their emotion too in their work.There was one study found that 75% of long-term job success depends on people skills, while only 25% is dependent on technical knowledge (Klaus, 2010). Another study indicated that hard skills contribute only 15% to one’s success, whereas 85% of success is due to soft skills (Watts & Watts, 2008, as cited in John, 2009). The highest percentage was the soft skills, as we all know EI is apart of the soft skills. Soft skills play a big role in job success or individuals or in the team.

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Business is becoming more cognizant of the importance of encouraging and developing EI skills within the workplace (Singh, 2003)EI was one of the soft skills. Unfortunately, people in this very age and generation tend to be acknowledged but do not know how to improve and control their EI for the better and successful achievement in the future. According to Goleman’s (1998) studies of EI were specifically related to the domain of work performance. He examined how EI affected individuals and leaders in the business world. In every company case, manager play the big role to choose who is their employee, they have to ensure that the employee credibility in terms of Intelligence Quotient and EI. It was supported by Nel ; De Villiers (2004) mention that problems such as turnover, absenteeism, and burnout may be reduced by selecting individuals with higher emotionally intelligence to fulfill roles by developing the EI of current employees and especially leaders.

This is because the employee always makes their employer as their motivator for them to work hard.Most of the emotion that hard to be handled by the employee is their anger and sadness. This kind of emotion can affect their performance in the workplace. They cannot give a full of focus and commitment to do their job. As anger may motivate the employee to fight against wrong and justice or sadness may motivate them to request support and help.

They can be unpredictable for certain situation because of they were not able to handle their emotional intelligence. Being empathetic also allows people to understand the power dynamics that often influence social relationships, especially in workplace settings (Jessica Petor, n.d.)People who with low EI will have reduced productivity and also behavioral issue as they incapable of keeping their negative emotion in check and less proactive in doing their work. It was supported by Bradberry and Greaves ( 2003), individuals high in EI tend to perform at a higher level than their counterparts with low EI, and those who tend to improve or work on their EI outperform cohorts who do not Moreover, when the employee is less in the social skills, it is hard for them to communicate with the other employee.

This is also can make the employee misunderstand about certain communication if one of them not good in their social skills. Borghans, Weel, and Weinberg (2006) show that people who are sociable early in life are more likely to hold jobs in which people tasks are important and that returns to people skills are greater in these jobs. In addition, compared to other career success predictors, such as conscientiousness and general mental ability, social skill is unique in that it is more malleable (Segrin ; Givertz, 2003).EI develops throughout one’s life and can be increased through training (Coetzee et al., 2006). So if the employee does not improve their employee’s emotional intelligent it can damage the employee credibility. Tony Larman (2015) have given example, people internal and external to a company start to have lowered expectations and lose confidence that a worker, leader, team or business can perform as desired.

It is therefore in the best interest of any company to measure current levels of EI among their employee. This is for them to know which employee need to develop their overall emotional so that they can improve their performance in the company.


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