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Last updated: April 18, 2019

Managers are crucial in football because they manage the technical part of the football team.

Managers develop the skills of individual players and help teams to win games. Managers plan and supervise training sessions to develop general fitness and specific soccer skills. They may create a team of managers who focus on specific areas, such as defensive or offensive play, or goalkeeping.

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In addition to this, more experienced managers are more efficient .The manager’s duty is preparing footballers in all areas. For instance mentally, physically and in regards to performance. The Chairman should choose the correct manager because a wrong manager for a team could cause footballers to not want to play well, inexperienced coaches might suggest untalented players and the club will lose money and if a coach does not do his job well thus the success of club will decrease. A manager definitely has a very big role towards the performance of the team.

For instance, managers give technical and strategic support to players to win the match. Managers should be able to work individually with players to motivate and discipline them. Their instructions need to be communicated effectively, and they must anticipate the physical and psychological condition of their players. Of special importance is a manager’s ability to make intelligent substitutions and tactical changes during matches. If managers show players beneficial exercises the footballers can prepare themselves physically. Furthermore, Chelsea which team finished the league at first.

They became champions. Chelsea FC changed its manager in 2016 summer and Antonio Conte affected team well. At first he changed training styles. After that, he connected with the players, he gave motivation to them, they just focused on match and they played better, in the match they did not get confused. He believed in the players, according to the his interview when they became champions.

It shows that mental well-being is significant in football. In 2015-2016 season Chelsea FC finished the league at 10th. As a result Antonio Conte recovered the team with right steps. Moreover, managers should prepare footballers with beneficial exercises and trainings. Managers must have already know what exercises they will show to footballers beneficial. Thus, footballers can prepare themselves physically. In addition, managers should be careful about injuries because the minimal wrong exercise might cause injuries.

In terms of where football injuries occur, the most common sites are the knee and lower leg (23%), followed by the elbow and forearm (20%), wrist and hand (20%), and head (11%). Most injuries are caused by awkward falls (28%), contact with another person (12%), and overexertion (10%) including injuries caused by strenuous or repetitive movements.(

To conclude, managers are very effective in footballers’ mental and physical performance. The inexperienced coaches might transfer untalented players. They waste money for untalented players because they do not know which player is talented and beneficial for team’s structure. Thus, team will lose money. It shows that wrong managers for a club can cause financial problems. For example, in 2013/2014 season a Turkish team named Galatasaray was very rich club but after Roberto Mancini became the manager of the club he bought talentless football players and spent 42.

5m£ in mid transfer season. After that, Galatasaray could not transfer any players because of Financial Fair Play(FFP). Club has a transfer ban now. CAS(Court of Arbitration for Sport) is investigating the club. Furthermore, Galatasaray could not attend to UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League.

It caused a huge money problem because Galatasaray could not take the revenue of UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League. The club’s success decreased because of the wrong manager. In additionally, wrong transfers can damage the structure of the team. For instance, in Turkey a team called Fenerbahçe, transferred Robin Van Persie he damaged the structure of the team with his career, successes and ego. He played in 67 match in 2 and a half year and scored 22 goal. The team played approximately 120 match in this time period. He faked an injury and he made excuses that.

He did not do training so many times and earned 4.9 million£ without working. It damaged the team too.

Other players did not play well because Robin Van Persie earned his money without working. Therefore, salary sharing should have be fair. In conclusion, wrong managers can cause financial problems and failure of the team structure.

Managers must manage team well and do their job well and they should have good skills in managing teams, if the manager has not got good skills at managing the team spectators will want to protest the manager and they will not come to stadium thus, revenue will definitely decrease. It is very important because clubs mostly earning large amount of money from match tickets. Furthermore, manager should win the tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League etc. because if manager can not be successful in these tournaments club cannot earn extra money and club may go bankrupt because of debt paying. Managers should make authority on football players because in the club if there is a gap authority footballers might take advantage of that in particularly star players can do this too.

In addition to that if there is a gap authority players can not do teamwork and they can not complete each other because of the vacuum of authority and they will definitely lose the match. Jose Mourinho, a role model is a person who serves as a positive example and whose behaviour and success is emulated by others. The way the coach conducts themselves in the presence of their footballers is important to get the respect of their footballers so they are able to coach them successfully. Jose Mourinho is a fine example of a role model because he produces such successful teams and always conducts himself in a professional and respectful manner which rubs off on his players.

Also he has good skills at managing. According to the IFFHS( International Football History and Statics) he is the best manager in the world. He won this award 4 times(2004,2005,2010,2012).

Beside these he won a lot of award too. Briefly, good managers should do their job well and havegood skills at managing, they should make authority on players if they do not do this team’s structure and success will decrease. Football managers play a very critical role in teams’ fate. Managers should choose correctly because they might face problems later on.

If footballers may not want to perform serious and the clubs success will go down. Inexperienced managers may cause the club to purchase wrong players and they can lose money. That is why, coaches should do their job well. Football coaches develop the knowledge, techniques and motivation of football teams and players. Football managers are essential to a team, specifically to a football team, because they are a patriarch and who the entire team admires and looks to for everything.

Football coaching helps develop strategies and tactics for the team throughout the season. Good managers brings success and more spectator because if the football team is playing well and wins the tournaments people will admire the team and they will come to stadium thus, revenue will increase. In addition, a good manager should be intelligent and strategic on time and they can prepare players in all areas. Finally, they work on the most significant part of the team and chairmans must choose them carefully.


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