Management at a Company
Deborah Ann Perry
Professor: Michelle Ross
Modern Management MGT: 500
November 19, 2018
Management at a company plays a very important role in shaping up the company success and failures. Most organizations today change their management styles as needed. I will be talking about management at Walmart Stores, Inc. Walmart is a multinational corporation and has a lot of stores worldwide. Walmart headquarter is located in Bentonville, Arkansas and was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and was incorporated in 1969. I will be talking about the different management styles of the company and impact of change in the organization today.

Evaluate two (2) key changes in the selected company’s management style from the company’s inception to the current day. Indicate whether or not you believe the company is properly managed.

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Walmart has outlines some of its key leadership styles and organizational changes for its growing global retail operations. The two key changes in Walmart management style are to have a very high expectation over the years, global environment we be operate on a continue change with speed, the business of Walmart must evolve quickly so they can continue to outpace and exceed their customers’ expectations. Others managers and executives has also move to others positions in the Walmart and Walmart International Stores. Tony Rogers, senior vice president of marketing for Walmart U.S. has been named chief marketing office-Walmart China, he will be reporting to Sean Clarke and his responsible will be marketing of Walmart’s Hypermarket business in China, he will also work closely with Andrew Miles and his team to grow the Sam’s Club brand in China and help build an even stronger member base. Senior management’s role in preparing the organization for its most recent change.

In January 20, 2012, Walmart Senior Management’s role in preparing the organization for most recent change. In time of change, those whom are leading our team are impacted by change also. Senior management responsibilities and authority are a broader scope than a front-line manager, the position can involve good many challenges, and great deal of responsibility goes with that position. Walmart’s Senior Management responsible is for planning and directly the workers of groups of individuals, they have to monitor all of its employees work and when it’s necessary to take corrective actions. Senior managers often supervises the largest and most important group or groups in a company. http://www.resources/articles/mangers-change-management-roleHere are some of the core responsibilities of senior manager, providing guidance to direct reports, Ensuring clarity, approving requests for investment to a certain level of authority and approving hiring and firing request with in group. http://www.resources/articles/mangers-change-management-role.

Management’s decision on its use of vendors and spokespersons, Organization impact of these decisions.

Walmart suppliers hoping to have a quicker way to access to backroom inventory data, so Walmart has come up with this tool called The SPARC (Supplier Portal Allowing Retail Coverage) app. Walmart supplier will be able to use their smartphones to perform many of the functions that require assistance from stores associate with tracking device.

Walmart talks about this program should be out by this summer, supplier and third- party merchandising firms will be trained to use the devices, this program was developed by Walmart’s digital partner Rockfish. Walmart’s major suppliers including L’Oréal, Procter ; Gamble, General Mills, Kellogg, Unalive and ConAgra.

As a manager within the selected company suggest one (1) innovation idea that could have a positive impact on both the employees and customers of the company.

The best innovation idea that I could come up with is to keep the employees happy, by making it know that they are the best employees to have in the Walmart place of work and for the customers that keep on come back every times keep them happy by keeping the prices low and making sure there are happy when they leave Walmart Stores. Innovation in the workplace can transformation in two-sides, show case their idea and the foundation of organizational growth and sustainability and it can allow employees as individual to grow.’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers and market environment. How open communication channels are critical for successfully, implementing change in organization.

We as consumers are very updates on new technological senses. We feel that it necessary to have the news phone, computer and other devices on handed as we engage in this new technology world. I bank at Wells Fargo Inc. and they have made it very easy for me to do my transaction on- line or mobile banking, mobile deposits and now Wells Fargo has come up with this device that you can take a picture of your paycheck or your personal check from your phone. Wells Fargo also offering you to personalized your debit cards for the customers that are very different and like different things, I feel that Wells Fargo has reach out to its customers like me and others to make sure our need are meet and open communication channels.

Management at a Company
Deborah Ann Perry
Professor: Michelle Ross
Modern Management MGT: 500
November 19, 2018
The two (2) key changes in Wal-Mart Company’s management style are Wal-Mart stores and Wal-Mart International. John Menzer, president and CEO of Wal-Mart International, and Mike Duke, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, U.S.A. have been promoted to Vice Chairman Position within the company.… John Menzer responsibility for major functions in U.S.A. business, and Mike Duke will be taking over leadership of Wal-Mart International, one of the company’s fastest-growing division. Wal-Mart president and CEO Lee Scott, talk about how this shift in responsibilities for John Menzer and Mike Duke would benefit both the U.S. and International businesses.…

John Menzer talks about continue to change in the largest segment of our business, in the last six years John has transformed Wal-Mart International into a well- organized, fast-growing and profitable business and establish a solid track record as a business strategist who delivers results.

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In January 20, 2012, Wal-Mart Senior Management’s role in preparing the organization for most recent announced a number of changes across the business, drawing on a deep bench of internal talent.…

Senior Management Rosalind G. Brewer, age 49 is promoted to president and CEO of Sam’s Club, she was responsible for more than $100 billion in annual revenue, representing almost 1,600 stores and more than 500, 000 associates and she the first chairperson of the Walmart President’s council of Global Women Leaders. Walmart talks about how Rosalind Brewer came with an outstanding background in consumer package goods more than five years ago and how she has developed into a talented merchant and retailer, she has a strong strategic, analytical and operational skills and has successfully managed a large and complex business.…

Wal-Mart also promoted Rollin Ford age 49 to chief administrative officer (CAO) and has responsibility include the information systems division, global sourcing, global business processes, global share services and global customer insights.…

Rollin Ford will be playing an important role in commitment to reduce SG;A expenses as a percentage of sales by more than 100 basis point over the next five years, his will be focus on leveraging scale, reducing expenses and increasing productivity around the world.…

Rollin Ford also help to drive process improvement and leveraging technology in past, his new broad responsibility for some of the key areas that give us the greatest opportunity and he will be enables to capitalize on his experience in our information systems, logistics and supply chain divisions, his strength in teambuilding has the ability to lead across multiple organizations.

Wal-Mart talks about how they are working hard to keep the cost low so that we can pass saving on to the customers.… The transition was not as smooth as Walmart would have like it, But Walmart has spent a lot time and money make stores more convenient places to shop, and added staff to speed up checkout lines, and shelves are stock fully.…
Walmart management decision on its use of vendors and spokespersons has change in recent years, vendor’s talks about how they are weary of cost concessions to the big retailer. Walmart talk to the vendors about how things are going to change like merchants and sourcing mangers would become more deeply involved in supplier businesses, including their cost negotiations and business relationship and spending more time at their farms and factories.…

In a memo issued to suppliers’ talks about the changes would help cultivate stronger strategic relationships with our valued suppliers, realize faster speech in decision making through improved communication channels, and unlock new innovation to delight our customers and this come on the heels of reports that Walmart’s replenishment department was among the areas that was affected by a round of 1,000 corporate layoffs expected to be complete. January 31, 2018 Walmart’s memo to suppliers did not include mention of job cuts but it would be redefining specific roles and responsibilities within its merchant, sourcing, and replenishment teams in coming weeks.…

The one innovative idea that could have a positive impact on both the employees and customers of the company are the best leaders know that innovation must come from multiple sources, both internally and externally. When people and their different points of view and experiences converge, they create the types of innovations that individuals could not have done or found alone. our minds to innovation is critical to creating a workplace environment that allows people to thrive. The innovation process begins by identifying:
how people want to lead and be led;
the function they can best serve to add value; and
The required tools to adapt to change in positive and meaningful ways.

Innovation and workplace transformation represent two-sides of the same coin. Enable employees to adopt an “entrepreneurial mindset” to showcase their ideas and ideals and they become the foundation for organizational growth and sustainability. Allowing them to propel innovation and show initiative is the key to successful workplace revival and an opportunity to re-energize individual and organic organizational growth. approach I would take would be Collaborate and Discover,
It’s not until you begin to trust yourself and others that real collaboration takes root.  Collaboration is not just about working closely together, but also about taking leaps of faith together to discover new ways of thinking and create greater outcomes. You never know which idea will take shape into the new innovation that creates impact and influence in the marketplace whether a new process, product, packaging, piece of knowledge, etc.

The ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers and market environment and how open communication channels are critical for successfully. In the past Walmart was facing the issue of customer’s satisfaction, but now Walmart has gone out of it way to welcome members of the investment community to the home office to share how we’re doing as a company and how we’ll serve our customers in the future. goals are to be the best place for our customers to shop- if they choose to do it in the stores, mobile devices, or a combination of these, it will be fast and easy for our customers. One of the things Walmart talks about is opening communication is a must in the company and Walmart talks about becoming more e-commerce and technology company, this will help Walmart business also. Walmart needs to inform their employees about new and up and coming project that going to take place on-line or in the stores, also need more training classes for the employees on how to take care of the customers’ needs while in the store and lot of opening communication with employees. References…


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