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Last updated: February 17, 2019

Man is a political animal; Aristotle elaborated this conception in conclusion that man develops its potential with the influences of norms, laws, and experiences in a society ( The aim of this research is to provide further understanding of how the environment affects the person’s decision, provided that we are born and raised differently. Conflicts pertaining to power in a relationship have cost not only a broken family, but also mental disorders as well as stress on the person (Benson, 2017). Avoidance of conflict is ineluctable but people should observe the context and history of their loved ones or to relate to, to understand why a person reacted, believed, and decided that way.

This research argues that human interaction is political itself. How a human reacts or decides is predicated on the experiences, biases, commitments, individual differences, age, environment, socioeconomic status, belief, and relevance of it which the person was exposed to (Dietrich, 2010). The decisions affect the experiences, biases, individual differences, and belief of another person (Rummel, 1976). This is how the process of communication works. The construal of the messages is in turn communicated with others with the influence of experience and context.

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This is how hierarchy and power comes in the context of this research. Humans have the proclivity to interact with others of the homogeneous experiences, biases, commitments, age, socioeconomic status, and beliefs (Rummel, 1976). Every human being is different, and each one interacts differently depending on experiences, biases, commitments, age, socioeconomic status, and beliefs of one another (Koski, Xie, ; Olson, 2015). To prove that human interaction is indeed political, this research further gives an explanation of the political behavior and political development of a man.

Furthermore, it elaborates how the behavior and development of a man affects their interaction with family, significant others, and social groups. This research shows how a person comports varies for different people depending on their context and history. Power is inborn in family hierarchy or inborn if the family had power over others. Power is built through accomplishment in life and may be labeled based on that accomplishment.


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