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Last updated: January 30, 2020

Mammals low toxicity for pyrethrin’s along with compounds biodegradable nature have led to pyrethrum as being one of the safest insecticides in use (Fishel, 2005).
Insects small size and high nerve sensitivity makes Pyrethrin’s highly toxic and therefore an effective insecticide (Bradberry et al. 2005), which has successfully reduced insect pest populations that affect humans within homes, on pets or in commercial agricultural systems. This has allowed humans to control populations such as ants and spiders along with potentially disease carrying insects such as ticks and mosquitoes. This natural product has been further put to good use by being used as a base for the synthesis of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides which have proved to be more effective at insect population control. But
despite being less effective, the continued basic use of crushed Chrysanthemums’ throughout the centuries as an insecticide is due to its simplicity and natural source, which has gained the approval of both farmers and home owners as a more sustainable alternative to synthetic insecticides in the control of insect pests.


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