Maggie is an instant noodle of the brand nestle. It falls in the category of instant noodles, of new foods. It had become widely popular as a fast 2min noodle in the market. Maggie had gained huge profit in this category and was able to gain a successful position in the markets. Maggie had targeted the health-conscious consumers, and as a result had launched new products in the market which were loved by the consumers whose needs and wants were met with such products.
It had various offerings to its consumers under the brand maggi like the Maggi “Dal Atta Noodles.” These noodles unlike the other veg and non-veg noodles were made from whole wheat and pulses and had gained a position in the market as a healthy noodle. Maggie under its brand also had other products to offer such as Maggie soups, Maggie tomato sauce, Maggie pasta and Maggie masala.


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DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION- Maggi being an instant noodle and a tasty fast good had segmented its demographic consumers very wisely. It had covered all age groups including children, adults and the aged. Maggie noodles are heavily consumed by all generation but especially children. Its different flavours like chicken flavour, tomato flavour and the masala flavours are most consumed by the children and are also easily available. Maggie had segmented its product in such a way that they are meeting the same kind of needs of different people with the same product. The new products that were launched in the market keeping in mind the health- conscious people are Maggie Atta noodles and Maggie Dal Atta noodles.
PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION- The makers of maggi also considered the lifestyle of their consumers. Maggi was portrayed as a “2min noodle”. This tagline instilled in the minds of the people, they looked upon it as a food which is filing and which cooks fast. Because in this fast pace world, people demand something which is not time consuming. This tagline caught the attention of the professional people who had a tight schedule. These professionals do not have much time to cook, so a 2min noodle is a solution for them. At the same time it is also useful for students who stay at hostels because late night, food is not available everywhere. Maggi also had “Cup O Maggi” which is convenience without compromising on taste. So here maggi becomes a hero for the professionals and students having a tight schedule. It acts as a healthy food and also as a solution for such people with busy life style.
Nestle positioned its 2 minute noodles in the minds of the people as “fast to cook, good to eat” snack as this is what the current fast moving demanded. The aim of positioning is to leave an impression in the minds of the people. Maggi has many competitors and they need to position their product in such a way in the market that people choose them over other brands. Knorr and Patanjali are following a cost differentiation technique. Knorr not only provides noodles just as maggi does but also they offer soupy noodles which is different in texture and taste. To deal with this Maggi has to position itself as a differentiated product. People are very sensitive to taste and rejects any flavour which they dislikes. On the other hand Maggi had got critics of not being healthy in an increasingly health conscious market, a major threat in the current scenario. Hence, Maggi had come up with health related products like “Veg Atta noodles” and “Dal Atta noodles” with the promise of good taste and nutritional value. Maggi had given ads which portrayed “hostel scenes” depicting memories and the bonding which seniors had. Whether it was midnight hunger, or when your friend group come over and after a tiring day after work. These ads not only promotes their product but also it gives a sense of emotions which the viewers can connect to. Another ad showcasing a mother and daughter relation. The daughter is about to leave her home for the first time for her studies but her mom doesn’t agree. so here she makes maggi, the same taste as her mother makes maggi. This ad shows her daughter has become independent enough and also maggi is there to support her during her tough times. When we think about the word “2min” the first thing that comes to our mind is maggi.

It also grabbed attention with different catchy tagline like “taste bhi, health bhi”, “fast relief from hunger”. It had also targeted the lower income people by introducing the 2 min maggi noodle pack.
COPIED Market Targeting refers to evaluating and deciding from amongst the various alternatives, which segment can be satisfied best by the company. The Maggi Brand have mainly targeted the Kids, Youth, Office Goers ; Working Woman which falls into the category of “convenience-savvy time misers” who would like to get something instant and be over with it quickly. Nestle targeted Kids, Youth and working women. Marketing taglines were made to target specific users catering to their needs. It helped mothers with the promise of fast to cook and good to eat snacks.CHILDREN ; TEENAGERS- A large segment of the population are teenagers and school goers. Maggi had targeted this age group because this segment has a similar kind of taste and preference.
OFFICE GOERS- This segment was also targeted and it also supported the tagline which maggi had. For by keeping this aspect in consideration, maggi had taken out cup noodles, and cuppa mania. It takes less time to cook and also satisfies a persons hunger.

Health conscious people- the company also focused on the health aspect. They introduced Veg atta noodles and Dal atta noodles for health conscious people. They also held food campaigns to educate the people regarding the health benefits.


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