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Last updated: March 23, 2019

MacIntyre (1998) reported that for anxious learners this feeling becomes” traumatic” because this feeling affects personality. Similarly, Horwitz et al (1986) pointed out to some “psycho-physiological symptoms” that are related with anxiety. Due to this feeling learners may experience apprehension; worry, even dread and also they have difficulty concentrating, become forgetful, sweat, and have palpitation.

In addition, learners try to miss the class and postpone the homework. Andrade and Williams (2009) also claimed that, anxious learners may suffer from “rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, dry mouth, and excessive perspiration” and show some “psychological symptoms” like embarrassment, feelings of helplessness, fear, going blank”. Penny Ur (1996) argues that the speaking skill is the most important one since foreign language learners are most of all interested in becoming actual speakers of a language. Therefore, activities that develop learners’ speaking skills are an important part of a language course.

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