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Last updated: February 23, 2019

Machines which have artificial intelligenceand competence of interpreting with such intelligence in a way to perform any work, programmed to their memory, can be termed as robots. In other words, robots are meant to perform a programmed action on the command given by the humans.

Hence, it is clear that robots are not something who can work on their own will as they use to act on programming. Though some of the leading groups of intelligentsia advocates are staunch supporters of such events in future. Visionaries such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkins have even shown up some of their researchers, carrying precautionary measures in this regards, which indirectly advocated the possibility of such events.It would be rather very complicated to say anything exactly about such question, that, will robots ever take over the world? The roots of this question are synchronous to the first invention of artificial intelligence program, which made people think about any of such advancement in the machines, on the basis of which they can override the human race. It cannot be said completely impossible, as the artificial intelligence is something which has the capability to interpret the given information and perform the task on the basis of such understanding. It is also adept at learning or memorizing the negative events, occurred or could possibly occur, as well as other associated adversities with any of the action taken by it. Hence, it would not be completely wrong to be getting curious regarding such unusual and disastrous, possible, future event.

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As the dependency of the people, over the gadgets and automated machines, were at increasing track, the more sophisticated and intelligent sensors are taking place amid of society, in a way to provide people more effortless, exact and intelligent assistance in their routine works. There is a very possibility that people would not be able to handle their routine works in near future without these machines, as they are now resorting to these machines for even very basic routine works, such as using hover boards instead of walking.Many of the scientists, psychologists and intelligentsia from various other prominent sectors are not so staunch believer of such future event. They think and advocates theirs beliefs through the notion that, ruling over or taking over sort of actions are the consequence of desire of gaining power over someone, which is a human nature or an act of living organism, which is intended to make them survive more efficiently. It also arises in the case of doing welfare or against any tyrannical or oppression, which is not possible to machines, as all these are sort of adverse feelings which is not applicable to machines because they do not feel anything, like humans, do.Hence, the taking over of robots or machines over human race would not be possible unless machines will not start to feel any of such oppressive forces, pain and unjust with themselves and such an advance artificial intelligence is still illusionary and if it would be possible, anyhow, even then people are smart enough to figure out the consequences of inventing such machines.


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