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Last updated: February 4, 2019

Machine learning, evolved only in recent years, incorporates the field of statistical analysis and algorithm, in which this system enables the machine to actively interpret the data and make hypothesis and predictions. Almost similar to a living being, they have the ability to observe the world, understand, collect and aggregate information, update its model of the world, then plan, decide and take actions, and finally observe again. Through this process, the sheer power of computers enhances the potential of artificial intelligence and makes them progressively more intelligent and more efficient.According to, the future impacts of AI can result in the following:• Virtual connectivity will enable integration of relevant computing resources to provide users with integrated and seamless services.• Cloud services will interpret aggregated datasets against patterns to anticipate tasks, activities, and events.• Developments in cloud services will transition computing from a physical experience to a virtual one available to any user via a simple device operating on ubiquitous networks with seamless connectivity.


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