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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Macbeth, the powerful Thane of Glamis, leads the Scottish army of King Duncan to victory against an invading force. As he returns the meets three Witches who tells him 3 predictions. Almost immediately, the first prediction becomes true. The king appoints him as the Thane of Cawdor (higher post). Macbeth kills Duncan, the king when he stays in his house. Hence he becomes the king. Despite being a King, he does not feel secure, especially when he thinks about the Witches’ prediction. Macbeth decides toconsult the Witches again.

They again tell him 3 predictions which tells him that if this prediction becomes true he will lose his life.As the second and third predictions are logically impossible, Macbeth feels safe. However, he learns that Macduff(thane of fife) has gone to join Malcolm, son of Duncan in England. Angered by what he sees as Macduff’s treachery, he orders his castle to be seized and the family to be slaughtered. Macduff supports Malcolm and vows to revenge Macbeth and regain the Scottish throne.Their invasion begins; Macbeth still thinks he is protected but he is wrong. Macduff faces with Macbeth in battle.Macbeth can be killed only by Macduff as he was not born naturally so he kills Macbeth and Malcolm is the new king of Scotland.

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