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“Love the trees until their leaves fall of,Then encourage them to try again next year.

” -Chad SuggIntroductionTrees play a very vital role in making us to live a healthy life. Trees are not only beneficial to human beings but also to the environment, they are important to wildlife as well. They strength communities, they increase the growth of economy and they protect the future. We can go on heaping up the necessity and indispensable need of the trees.

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Threes are mandatory because they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wild life. They also provide us with materials for tools and shelter. Research shows that within minutes of being surrounded by trees and green space, your blood pressure drops, your heart rate shows and your stress comes down. Trees also help prevent flooding, soil erosion absorbing thousands of liters of storm waters. Trees are invaluable for children to play in and discover their sense of adventure. Trees grow the economy because companies’ benefits form a healthier and happier workforce, when there are parks and tree near by.

Already many scholars assume and predict that those live in cities will soon move to countryside. Natural environment in important to human life therefore we must respect them and protect them for our future generation and it is our responsibility too. Objectives of the ProposalThe main objective of my proposal is to create awareness among people of all age about the importance of trees in our life and other living creatures on earth as well as the negative impact of deforestation. Conducting seminars to motivate the people to plant more saplings and be united one with nature. Plantation of maximum saplings to protect the environment of Yelagiri hills as well as the entire world.

Scope of the ProposalThe scope of planting trees is to restore native forests around village to protect water supplies. Many researchers say that planting trees and their care is a holy act. One tree is equated to children. As children are capable of giving life to new generation so also when we plant one sapling it multiplies into more than ten trees. Planting trees reduces carbon dioxide, a principal green house gas that contributes to global warming.

Planting tree increases oxygen level in environment to most essential gas on the globe. When we plant a tree we are doing more then just planting a tree. We are also creating habitant for other species, starting food resources for human and animals, stabilizing soil to prevent erosion and creating natural water filters. Every individual needs to take steps in order t make India a better place to live and trees create clean and green country free from pollution.

Significance of the ProposalEvery proposal has a purpose for which it is being promoted. Certainly this research also has significant elements in it. The trees are significant and important to us because they offer us the following things such as: shade, providing oxygen, being a source of beauty, absorbing carbon dioxide, filtering water, saving energy by cooling our homes and neighborhoods, providing habitants for birds and animals. Trees are important because they prevent erosion of the soil as well as provide a home for a variety of animals. They are important to human beings because they help us to live a healthy life. Therefore this research has significance within it. AcknowledgementI would like to extent my gratitude to Professor Preethi Shanthi who guided me in choosing the topic and who gave me a holistic understanding and outlook of what a proposal is and how it should be done. Her knowledge sharing and guideline aided me to accomplish my proposal writing successfully.

I sincerely thank her for her interest in my growth and availability for clarifying the doubts. LimitationsI must humbly accept the fact that I have not done a comprehensive study on sapling plantation. What I have written is only a glimpse from some great researchers and scholars. I also accept that there can be possibility of some grammatical and spelling errors due to my carelessness.

Study on sapling plantation calls for real and long hours of dedication because it is vast area of research. I have limited myself to minimum references of books, articles and some internet resources. Hence my research proposal may sound like an initial learner. Problems of Treeless Earth”The human race owes its own very existence and survival to trees around the world.” – Jacke Holder. What would happen if there were no trees on earth? It is really unthinkable and unimaginable. No living creature and human being can exist on earth without trees because they produce most of the oxygen that humans and wild life breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide form the atmosphere and release oxygen using the process of photosynthesis.

There are enormous and uncountable problems we will face without trees. Some problems would be ‘deforestation’ can create greater effect in local and global level; ‘filthy air’ without trees humans would not be able to survive because the filthy air may infuse many sicknesses to human beings, trees is crucial part of the carbon cycle. Second issue will be ‘water war’. If there are no trees then we will have to face water scarcity problem. There are already many debates on the need of freshwater. Fresh water is the basis of human survival and agricultural and industrial operations. How to preserve fresh water resources and answer to this problem is still unborn. The next effect of treeless earth is earth with lifeless soil.

However soil would be unprotected and vulnerable to reduction in soil quality and top soil nutrients. Soil erosion would become more prevalent and eventually all the soil will lose its arability and agriculture will fall leaving us people to starve for food and other elements to live on. Global warming due to deforestation, lack trees play a huge role in the global warming. We live in the age where man-made inventions produce a lot of carbon dioxide.

Hence trees fulfill their part in the environment in removing the carbon dioxide out of the air. Unfortunately deforestation in preventing this job to be fully accomplished and with half of all the earth’s forest is gone. In this way deforestation in a major issue when it comes to global warming. Review of LiteratureInvesting in trees through planting, care, and maintenance will produce a significant return on investments, especially as older and larger trees provide the most benefits.

Trees are a long-term solution for many issues people face and they are a valuable resource for every community, especially those in urban or suburban settings. Botanical gardens and arboreta play an important role in this pursuit for a healthy and vibrant urban forest. These institutions provide valuable insight and leadership due to their expertise in botany and horticulture, as well as an established track record of public outreach and training.

The future of urban forestry should focus on protecting large trees, as well as improving age structure, standards and planning management.By 2050, an estimated 66% of the total world’s population will be urban. Urbanization, coupled with a changing climate, is a challenge on a global scale that greatly impacts the health and well-being of humans. In order to establish healthy and vibrant communities, trees need to be part of the global discussion. Over the past 30 years, science has demonstrated how trees in our landscapes benefit people and those well-maintained trees is an important asset to keep a community healthy and safe. Planting and maintaining trees, as part of urban planning and engineering solutions, can serve as a nature-based solution to many challenges communities face: managing storm water, supporting mental and physical health for people, reducing crime, addressing pollution, and providing wildlife habitat. Despite the critical importance or urban forest, urban tree cover continues to decline nationwide each year. Experts suggest that every dollar invested on tree planting and management can result in a high return on investment even as high as over 500%.

The compensatory value of the urban forest in the continental US is estimated to be worth more than rupees, 2.4 billion, with rupees, 18.3 billion worth of ecosystem benefits occurring annually. Trees and green space provide important direct and indirect benefits social and biological benefits. Factual Details of a Tree”Trees are root of our existence.” If four trees are planted around a home can save up to 30% cooling costs. Forty trees remove about 36 km of air pollutants annually.

Four hundred trees capture 140,000 gallons of rainwater annually. One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and put our four tons of oxygen. The ambient air temperature difference between an unborn heat Island and a vegetated area can be as much as 2-10 degrees F. The temperature measured directly above man-made surfaces can be as much as 25 degrees F hotter than air temperature beneath a forested area. Live green, love green and think green. Trees should be planted especially on the south and south west direction of the building. This would give shade during the summer season.Methodology of the ProposalThere are two ways in which the proposal will be implemented.

First we will gather people to conduct awareness camp on the importance of planting saplings in a village. Secondly we will provide free saplings as a gift to be planted in and around their houses. Different kinds of seminars will be conducted to make people realize the important role of trees in our life. We will inform them about the necessity of trees in our lives. Then gradually we will bring to the notice of people the negative aspect of treeless earth. Everyone knows of what will happen to us if there are no trees around us.

Conducting awareness camp may also help people to give proper respect to trees and other plants on earth. Apart from all these we will appoint some volunteers to follow up people in this sapling plantation process. Our first and step will be distributing seeds free of cost, flowering plants to encourage tree plantations, teaching various methods of growing seeds and teaching the ways and means of pre and post germinations care of seeds. On world environmental days rallies are taken out to educate people in society about the importance of trees. Each person is encouraged to plant trees, display banners, posters video clips on environment in order to promote of campaign of tree plantation. Tips for Planting SaplingsWinter is the best time for planting trees as they are dormant at this period and hence less likely to suffer from damage.

Rainy season is also best time to plant saplings that is January and February. It is advisable to start planting immediately after good showers of and when the ground is well moistened to the depth of planting. Places where trees can not be planted can be covered with bushes and smaller plants. Another possibility is to have climbers which require very little space to grow but provide a large leafy area.

They can brighten up the boundary walls, pillars and ugly looking sites. The after care of saplings till they reach a certain age and height is essential. Once rain case, the saplings need to be watered regularly and protected form cattle. Villages Chosen for the Proposal1. Athanavur Village in Yelagiri.2. Nilavur Village in Yelagiri.

3. Korattur Village in Yelagiri.4. Don Bosco College of Arts and Science for creating awareness through workshop.

We prefer to plant sapling all over the world but initially we are starting our project with these villages in Yelagiri hills. After experimenting in these villages we will expand our horizon of our project. These villages are purposely chosen because they have good transport facilities and especially the effect of deforestation is apparently seen in these villages. Work Plan for Sapling PlantationSeminar for the people of Athanavur on the Importance Tree plantationObjective: To motivate people of Athanuvur to plant more trees near by their houses, villages and specially safeguard the trees that already exist.

Time line: 1st to 5th January 2019 five days of workshop and Timing is from 8.30 am t 4.30 pm.Resource person: Mr. Nityanand Jayaraman from Chennai an environmental activist will animate the workshop.Place: Athanavur village in Yelagiri hills.

Work shop for College StudentsObjective: To empower the college students of Don Bosco Arts and Science College about need of sapling plantation and the protection our future. Time line: 5th to 7th August 2019, two days of workshop and the timing is form 11 am to 12.30 pm.

Resource person: Mr. Piyush Manush form Salem, he is considered as Salem’s ‘green warrior’ and an environmental activist. Place: Don Bosco Auditorium in Don Bosco College of Arts and Science at Korattur.Rally Against DeforestationObjective: To encourage people to question when the face any act against environment and rise voice against the deforestation. Time line: 10th September 2019 from 3.30 pm to 6 pm with meaningful slogans against deforestation.

Place: People of Nilavur village which is locacted in Yelagiri hills. 4. Distribution of SaplingsObjective: To create desire of plantings trees by distributing saplings for free of costs. Time line: 3rd October to 3rd November 2019 from 6 am to 6 pm.Place: In the entry gate of Yealgiri hills.Person: All those who are interested in volunteer service.

EvaluationTo ensure the effectiveness of sapling plantation proposal we will gather after every activity evaluate and analyze the pros and cons of our pregame. Every work can be modified and modernized if only we evaluate the work progress. We will invite people from different sector such as our co-workers, our beneficiaries, resource persons and whoever may be if they have been part of our mission to contribute their suggestions freely. This evaluation program aims at studying our own areas of positive and negative elements. We study positive element in order to appreciate our collaborators and we study negative elements to improve and rectify of mistakes. In this way our proposal will be get polished after every events. ConclusionSapling plantation is really a very relevant proposal which need to be implemented.

It is even considered as a demand of the current situation. Growth of population increases the rapid of deforestation. This proposal aims at not only sapling plantation but also to concinnities people about the importance of trees for our healthy life. Trees contribute to the maximum level in reducing the effect of globalization which no one recognizes it. We motivate people through this proposal to plant more saplings and safeguard them and avoid felling trees unnecessarily. This proposal will concentrate on three particular villages in Yelagiril hills.

Financial Assistance Required for Sapling PlantationS.No Items Estimated Expenditure1 Year Total1 Saplings 50,000 50,0002 Resource Person Fee 10,000 (1000 for one person) 10,0003 Sound System for Seminar and workshop 5,000 5,0004 Tools (Spade, crowbar, axes) for Sapling Plantation 6,000 6,0005 Fencing Materials (Around Sapling) 3,000 3,0006 Rally Expenses (Banner, Placards, Pamphlets and Refreshment) 4,500 4,5007 House Rent 2,000 (1000 per month ) 2 Months Stay in a Village 2,0008 Hiring Vehicle to Carry Saplings and Other Travel Expense 15,000 15,0009 Manure 5,000 5,00010 Volunteers Fee and Refreshment 1,000 1,00011 Total 99,500 99,500BIBLIOGRAPHYBooks1. Ray, Janisse. “Ecology of a Cracker Childhood.” Milkweed Editions Publishers, 2015.

2. Liono, Jean. “The Man who Planted Trees.” Published in 1953.3.

 James R. Fazio. “The Woodland Steward: A Practical Guide to the Management of Small Private Forests.” Publisher: Round River Pub, 1987.Internet Articles 1. https://www.royalparks. https://readinglibrary24.blogspot.




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