Look around you. Can you identify any of them that used to or still thinking of committing suicide? No, you can’t. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Suicide is a symptom and a sign of a serious depression. You, we and everyone should be aware of the signs. Knowing the signs of suicide may help you prevent it from happening. Even if you know the signs, keep in mind that sometimes even you try to help them from attempting suicide, the person may still succeed in committing suicide and this is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself if this occurs. The signs are, talking about “going away”, feeling helpless, worthless or feeling guilty and pulling away from friends and family.

Let’s continue to the first point which is, talking about “going away”. Most of those people that had the intention of committing suicide will usually start talking of “going away” more frequently which in this case, it means die. This is because they thought that by dying, all the problems and the pain will go away. They might also make a joke of it, but it is not a joke most of the time. I have observed and learned that social media is the only place that they can talk about killing themselves without anyone will take it seriously. For them, killing themselves is the only option that they have. They will frequently think and talk about death and might also say things like “it would be better if I am not here”.

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Next point is, feeling helpless, worthless or feeling guilty. They think that they are helpless, that their problems cannot be solve by any way at all. They will also say that there is no point to stay alive. Sense of a life purpose in them will also be gone. They will give up and feel like trapping. In my experience, those who suffer from this will feel guilty to everyone around them. They felt that they are responsible of the people around them somehow. It is just in their mind.

The last point is pulling away from friends and family. They will pull themselves away from friends and family because they think that no one can help them. They will not socialize anymore. I used to ask to one of the victim that suffer this, why they pull away from their friends and family and their answers are “I did not want them to feel or know what I am going through at that moment”, “I felt like they actually did not care about me at all”. Our behavior actually affects them mentally. When we didn’t support them or ignore them, they will feel like they have no one to help them or to be there with them to fight this suffering.

In conclusion, everyone should be aware of the signs like pulling away from friends and family, feeling helpless, worthless or feeling guilty and talking about “going away” are identified, assist the person in making an appointment as soon as possible with a mental health professional. We can prevent suicide case from arising starting from now.


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