Topic: Diet & NutritionFast Food

Last updated: March 4, 2019

Living healthier means not only eating variety of healthy foods but also being physically active and understanding the nutrients you need to protect your body. Young people don’t really pay attention to that. For instance, young people in Macedonia are surrounded by many fast food restaurants and cafes that offer delicious dishes that are not made with healthier choices. Eating unhealthy means that we are not giving our body the nutrients it needs so we are more prone to diseases. With that being said, if we are not being careful, the percent of obese and sick people in our country will grow. Also, physical activity plays a huge role in being healthy and active which contributes to improving the function of the physical body as well as psychological health.

Luckily, Macedonia has lots of sport clubs and mountains so young people are often seen being active. In brief, raising awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle should always be in first place to improve the dietary intakes and nutritional status. Living a healthy lifestyle is often a challenge for many of us.

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