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Last updated: February 27, 2019

Gangsterism among teenagers in Malaysia. According to Oxford dictionary, the term “Gangsters” can be described as A member of a group violent criminal and Gangsterism can be described as the use of tactics associated with gangster as intimidation or violence in order to achieve something. In a study of “gangsterism among secondary school” by the ministry of education collaboration with Crime Prevention Foundation of Malaysia indicate that student participate in gangsterism because of three factor, family, living environment, and academic achievement. They might be pressure in certain situation such as they did not get attention from their parent or they living in such a poor family. They also might be compared because unable to get an excellent result in their academic achievement. According to Alagappar, P., Len, C.W.,George, M. Lee, A.S.H. , and Wong, M.S.H in their study said that “They joined gangsterism as a pathway to seek recognition and acknowledge from others because they want to be somebody and recognized among peers. We can see that ex-gangsters did not have a good relationship with family during their teenage life.” In their study of “Gangsterism among teenagers in Malaysia’ they conclude that teenagers get involved in gangsterisme because they could need something such as money, recognition, confidence and even a girlfriend plus media also play a role. In teenagers age, they still growing up to hit the puberty. So they always be rebellious in order to show that they can be independent or to get what they want. Sometimes they need affection from their parents or they want to make friends because deep in their heart, they are lonely. However, get involve in gangsterism is not the right way to overcome their problems and society especially parents need to help prevented them. As a social phenomenon, it is important to know that gangsterism is not confined merely to the lower rungs of modern society. Indeed, it occupies much of the “high moral grounds” and has political dimensions that reach well beyond the local neighbourhood (Buckley 2005).


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