Topic: Literature

Last updated: February 11, 2019

Literature search Dataset of twenty-one (21) independent studies published in peer-reviewed journals between 2009 and 2017 on the effect of dietary ginger supplementation on growth performance, serum lipid profiles and semen quality of chickens were created.

The authors conducted an independent literature search in PubMed, AGORA, Science Direct, Google scholar and Web of Science using the combination of the following keywords in all the database: “ginger AND cock semen”, “ginger AND avian semen”, “ginger AND poultry semen”, “ginger OR cock semen”, “ginger OR avian semen”, “ginger OR poultry semen”, “ginger AND poultry blood lipids”, “ginger supplementation AND poultry serum lipid profiles. The search was conducted for the growth performance indices and organ weight using the combination of the keywords” “ginger AND growth performance in poultry”, and “ginger OR growth performance in broilers”. “ginger AND organ weight in poultry” and “ginger OR organ weight in poultry”. Furthermore, reference lists of retrieved articles were reviewed to search for similar studies.

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