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Last updated: December 26, 2019

Li battery
The explanation of Li battery. Li battery also known as Lithium-ion batteries, to define lithium, it is an element with an atomic number 3 which based on the periodic table, while the element ion has an unequal of electrons and protons due to the gain and loss of electrons. Lithium-ion batteries are widely use nowadays, like the automobile field and aviation applications, due to its rechargeable battery which gives convenient to the community.
First, each Lithium-ion batteries made up with very small battery cases which called core cells. In each case, there have five different materials compounded together into a core. The materials compounds are copper that placed one part section while the aluminium on the other side in order to ensure the cycle of electric current flow effectively. In between the two materials compound, there are one cathode and anode which one carries the positive electrode while the other carries the negative electrode. The materials that used to made the cathode is pure lithium metal oxide, the consistency of the chemical composition defines the better durability and performance of the battery. While on the other side of the layered construction negative electrode, It is made by the structured of carbon graphite.
In order to let the electron charge that carried by the lithium ion flow smoothly, the battery cells is injected with a chemical substances, called electrolyte transport medium to make sure that the electrons charging and discharging efficiently. This electrolyte must be very pure and without any water substances on it, which results the efficiency.
A separator, which placed and located in between the two electrodes to avoid a short circuit that will damaged the entire battery. This separator is made permeable that allowed gases and liquid to pass through, the property also known as micro porosity.
With all these material compound considered, here is how it works. When the electric current goes through the battery, so lithium-ion battery is charged. The positive lithium ion charged will travel through the separator from the cathode toward the anode compound structure to store, so that the battery is fully charged. On the other hand, when the battery is being used or energy is being released, the energy from the anode will released its lithium-ion charged electrolyte through the separator all the way back to the cathode. Then, the battery will transform its electric to its desired function object.
The cycle of the lithium-ion battery has the same constituted parts linked, if the ion stops passing through the electrolyte, It means the battery is fully energy released, while electron can not moved out too. Just like when someone switched off a power device, the circulate of electrons stops and this same go through the circulate of ions.
So what is the advantages of lithium-ion battery? First , lithium-ion batteries have a high density of lithium-ion that is doubled the volume of normal nickel-cadmium battery. It has more storage for energy which is higher capacities. For example, lithium-ion battery can stored the same amount of energy compared with the standard ones but 3 times less weight and a 6times less volume compared with the normal one. It also has higher voltage which output a 3.7 volts per cells, compared to standard one it only produces 2 volts per cell. That is why transport vehicle like cars and monorails are using lithium-ion battery to function, thanks to its light weight and high volume of density.
Furthermore, what makes lithium-ion battery so good is that it has low memory effect which does not degrades the life span of the battery. That is the reason why this battery is a low maintenance battery. Also, thanks to it self-discharged is so low that that compared to the standard one, I create less harm to people while junked.
with all these aspect concerned, according to the expertise that possessed, this is how the technical details of lithium-ion battery explained.

(here is the picture of what its look inside the battery for clear explanation )

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